One-man flyer prototype

One Man Helicopter

One Man Helicopter
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One Man Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4 - Series of unique personal flying machines with ability to vertical take off. Suit for the one pilot with the goal to provide new flying experience in Unreal Engine 4. Based on Pawn Actor blueprint it can be placed anywhere on the map and be possess by character. Support for PC. Destination premium asset for marketplace. Status WIP. Planed price for early access under £5! Promotion valid to the end of this year.

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One Man Helicopter main features:

  • 3 Aircrafts R1, R05 and P01.
  • 2k pbr workflow with mix of few 4k
  • Access key system
  • Each is build from few changeable parts like frame, seat, rotors, engine...
  • Rigged including all buttons, switches, links, pedals, joysticks, rotors with each blade.
  • Custom movement system with exposed parameters to easy control the functionality of each aircraft.
  • Landing Platform with fuel and repair system.
  • Landing Platform with ability to change visual appearance by changing the color of 3 main materials - metal alloy, plastic and fabric.
  • Damage system based on current momentum.
  • Critical damage and low fuel warning.
  • Engine temperature driven by world temperature and engine RPM.
  • Fumes, engine sound, blades sound, field of view with radial blur, camera driving force depends on RPM and momentum.
  • Analog and digital information display depend of flyer type. Artificial horizon, Speed, RPM, fuel, condition, temperature.
  • Two camera types FP and TP including the semi-free cockpit camera with ability to look around and follow the target.

Other features:

  • Day and night cycle with time of the day and temperature.
  • Cloud with wind force.
  • Objective system with compass navigation.
  • Interactive grass example.


Sketchfab Inspection

One Man Aircrafts for Unreal Engine 4
by Multipainkiller Studio
on Sketchfab


  • Improve existing logic.
  • Improve sounds and visuals effects.
  • Extend Day and Night cycle into weather system with clouds, wind and lightning.
  • Improve Objective system with navigation.
  • Improve and provide more interactive foliage.
  • Provide more parts.
  • Create N01, D01 aircraft types.
  • Full list & Documentation in working progress.
  • More...


  • Paintball guns system.
  • Mechanic system with inventory and parts snapping to be able to build aircraft from collected in inventory parts.

One Man Helicopter Early Access

Little story behind

Imagine the guy who from the boy age dreamed to fly. Now he has time and engineering experience. Once he decided to follow his dreams. Each his flying machine has implemented better solutions. To be continued...

Download & Use

After successful payment in CLIENT DASHBOARD under PURCHASES you will find order details and download button.

Play in editor:

  • When download complete unzip pack and open OMH.uproject.

Marge projects:

  • Detailed video coming soon.
  • Import OMH to desired project.
  • Set BP_OMHPlayerControllers and BP_OMHGameMode.
  • Drop flyer type you like and the key. Set the flyer to accept key, and set key to match flyer.
  • See BP_Pilot to mach logic with your current character.
  • Drop to scene BP_WeatherManager and connect the sun. Turn off the Cycle if you don't need it.
  • Match inputs
  • Play

Report project issue

Report Transaction issue

Updates & Changelog

v04 24.11.2018

  • Added troposphere temperature levels attributes with impact on engine,
  • Better damage system for more accurate readings based on momentum,
  • Added visuals on impact with sparks and marks at hit point, also covered with simple sounds effects,
  • Added physical material detection. All v04 changes has been added only to P01 at the moment.

v03 - 22.11.2018

  • All 1.2GB files has been renamed to keep it short and avoid too long naming issues later.
  • More accurate to the role and match with Unreal Engine 4 naming convention.
  • Cleaned from non used textures, broken animations, blueprints, materials, objects, etc.
  • New sound-fx for Flare System and Low Condition Status.

v02 - 17.10.2018

  • Fixed issue related to UMG_RepairRefuel and UMG_ColorChanger.
  • Solved Error  with UMG_HUD_Aircraft on aircraft crashed.
  • R1 has ability to add/remove functional Flare Launcher through blueprint.

v01 - 10.10.2018

  • Early access

For more information about recent changes, fixes with solutions please visit forum One Man Helicopter Known Issues & Errors.



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