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Move & Doge | Simple GODOT Game 1

Move & Doge | Simple GODOT Game

Move & Doge | Simple GODOT Game
  • Version 3.1
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  • Create Date 16th September 2019
  • Last Updated 23rd September 2019

Move & Doge

Move & Doge is a free community project based on the "Godot 3.1: Creating a Simple 3D Game" course series from BornCG.

Created for the Facebook group "Create Games For Free" for our daily practice with Godot. Useful to compare the code if you are lost or reengineering.

Move & Doge  is a simple game made in GODOT  using GDScript & Blender 3D modeling software to make models.  Gameplay: Player need to avoid enemies and collect the coins.

By following BornCG we leaned how to create a simple and complete  game.  How to navigate the 3D viewport: mouse and keyboard view controls, splitting the viewport into multiple view. Keyboard shortcuts for views (front/side/top) - Introduction to Nodes: building blocks of a Godot game, which are created in a node 'tree'. - Creating a 3D scene including rigid body objects, static objects, collision shapes, light and camera. - Playing a game scene with physics running where blocks fall and tumble on the ground floor.

Join us & learn together!


Godot Basic Move and Dodge Game.zip

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