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Unreal Engine 4.23 | HTML5 no longer supported 1

Unreal Engine 4.23 | HTML5 no longer supported

With the last update in September 4, 2019 Epic released new Unreal Engine 4.23 with tons of new features and improvements. Potentially this was one of the biggest updates in history. However, the most awaiting features for Quadsimu | FPV Quadcopter Simulator will be no longer supported. Build, Coock and Package project it’s still there in 4.23 available, but is marked as deprecated and will be stripped out completely with later versions. Reading through the changelogs for preview 5 version and later do still include fixes for html5, though.

Fixed! UE-73336 No audio (in firefox) and nasty static audio (in chrome) can be heard in QAGame on HTML5
Fixed! UE-78057 Error Unhandled Exception occurs when Packaging for HTML5 on Linux
Fixed! UE-76951 HTML5 project does not open due to Assertion failure at open_audio_device in DebugGame
Fixed! UE-76520 HTML5 needs to be marked as to be deprecated in 4.23
Fixed! UE-72164 RunTimeError: index out of bounds spam trying to launch QAGame to HTML5
Fixed! UE-77913 HTML5 Multithreading doesn't show experimental in the setting name
Fixed! UE-72092 Action RPG failed to package for iOS with remote shader compiling
Fixed! UE-75402 Python Error Spam while Packaging HTML5 on Mac

HTML5 platform support will be migrated to GitHub as a community-supported Platform Extension and no longer officially supported by Epic in upcoming releases.

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Difficult is to find more in depth information about this decision and further changes for HTML5 in Unreal Engine 4. On one hand you may find people saying that – …”Nobody cares about HTML5″. On the other hand you will see people searching for it. Personally I don’t think so that HTML5 going away just like that for good, and I do believe Epic had strong reasons to do so. Sometime we have to make one steps back to be able to make two steps forward.

Does really nobody cares about HTML5 in Unreal Engine?
Does really nobody cares about HTML5?

For some developers, artists with own webspace this was very quick and convenient way to share project/game without third party apps like Steam. Also this workflow gives you more control overall. Steam is great tool but not every project needs Steam. Therefore we was believing to see more improvements in this direction. However, this does not mean that HTML5 will never come back to UE4. This may will change in the future especially while other game engines are doing quite well in this sector. For now at least, nothing about HTML5 on Trello UE4 Roadmap for 2019. New things are coming while another comes out. Knowing Unreal Engine 4 potential and impetus we can expect that when finally HTML5 will come back, it may come back in the big style.

Impact for Quadsimu? Yes, definitely it will has some impact on progress but this is not going to stop me working on this project. We may also consider using Pixel Streaming technology once we get to the point of considering creation of multiplayer functionality. For now works going to be continued with what we got. There is still a lot to do.

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