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Multipainkiller Studio summary of year 2018

Summary of 2018 and plans for 2019


You can see after children how time passes quickly. They grow so fast. Almost exactly one year ago I officially shared a link to the newly created Multipainkiller Studio website, and after almost a year of preparation and testing it was achieved with the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Today my works are scattered all over the internet even in places that I’ve never visited before. And that’s great, but ideally Multipainkiller Studio was created to keep it in one place and start enjoying the benefits of my own work. Most of platforms are not for such complex projects, where there are models, sounds, visual effects and script together. And that was it main task. Today we have another year. So, let’s summarize what has changed and what are the plans for this new year.

Summary of 2018 and plans for 2019 1
2018 sessions

Past vs Today


Everything started very innocently. I had enough experience in creating websites to consider creating my own internet platform to keep my works in one place, which I can freely manage, share and see the impact in numbers and charts that would reflect my progress or failure. I started with a small server space and a simple sample page to finally write posts about the progress of the work.


Multipainkiller Studio gives me access to all the data and resources I need to grow. I not only see changing charts, but I have more influence on it. What I hope will result in better and more interesting work in the future. List below shows briefly changes recently has been introduced to improve usability.

New store with fast and secure payment via PayPal. Get access to personal client dashboard with profile, downloads data, product updates and transactions history at any time. Each product has its own topic in our own dedicated forum! Everything in one place to keep consist productivity. Need help or advise? Special requirements to make your project unique. No problem, you can also contact me privately. Friendly UI & Ultra-fast load! Clean and slick design to eliminate distraction. On board also web server accelerator and solid-state drive. Optimal performance & security with SSL, Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware Scan.

Today I can’t imagine live without Sketchfab, or YouTube and I will try to make better use of their potential. However, all new projects will be stored and accessible from our server, so this mean limited use of Gumroad.


To make the best use of this year, a good plan and efficient organization is the key. The plan for this year is divided into duties and things that I would like to do additionally.


More frequent publications. I want to keep you up to date and inform you about the decisions made and their significance for a given project. Premium “One Man Helicopter” project and free “Collectible Item Pack” are the main products for this year and most of my time will be dedicated to provide improvements, and introducing new assets for those two projects.

Sound effects. A few months ago I decided to supplement my projects with my own sound effects. As someone said – Sound is like half of the picture. So, I said – Let it be free! So, the sound-fx collection will start grow this year. And you can expect: foot sound from different surfaces, ambient sounds from different times of the day and weather condition, mechanical impact, wooshes, more engine noise, servo-motors, and this is just top of the needs. So hopefully you will see more.

Additional tasks

I strongly believe that flexibility in making changes is what artist and developers need especially at prototyping stage. Often as one person studio, or even small team of game developers you know how hard it can be to make things in your way. And I have a fillings that writing a script today to hold your game is more flexible than making assets. Medium polygonal modeling may give you a chance to change this. Based on face-weighted vertex normals calculations which don’t involve traditional backing process from high poly to low poly and most of the time is the matter of one click! And I would love to create tutorials series about medium polygonal modeling technique used in my projects.

I will explain pros and cons and how to take advantage of it by making your own assets and also introduce modifications to the existing models already created with this technique.

For the purposes of this course, we will use the power of the free and open source Blender 3D and Unreal Engine 4. This course will also include exporting and importing created assets to game engine. I will show you how to find possible imperfections from the modeling process and making effective and quick corrections. You will learn how to make decision in modeling based on perspective and distance to the object in game environment to save on geometry. As well as creating materials for the needs of our facilities in UE4. Complete workflow from A to Z. Start time scheduled for this task is on second part of 2019.

As a extension to this course is planed to make tutorial about how to use decals and alphas to add more details to models made in medium polygonal modeling technique using Substance Painter software.


Website management requires additional work and expenses, but I believe that in the future this will ensure better cooperation between us. This is a good moment to thank my clients for your trust and also thanks to all those who follow my actions. Thank you, and I wish you all many successes in this new 2019!


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