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Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator successfully updated to v.1.2 1

Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator successfully updated to v.1.2

Quadsimu v.1.2
Quadsimu v.1.2

In days of growing global controversy around drone industry Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator has been successfully updated to Quadsimu v.1.2 to provide pilots with more functionality, performance and and bug fixes. As a individual developer using Unreal Engine 4 to build Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator I have access to many of goods provided by Epic Games and community to help with prototyping. For small studio with huge dreams like Multipainkiller Studio this is a chance to incredibly speed up the building progress in certain stages.


HTML5 project is ruled by very similar main condition as in mobile apps and size is one of them. This mean we can not go crazy and add everything we like and most of the time we have to compromise between performance vs visuals. Therefore I do carefully making each decision to at least do not extend current size. Size before 187MB (490MB RAW) which is already too big, I have manage to reduce to 173MB (398MB RAW) including new assets what changes the load time on my end from 1min to around 40s to fully load. To achieve this I did optimize each asset individually including materials and textures.


Thanks to extra free space after optimization in Quadsimu v.1.2 web based application you will see new props successfully added to Quadsimu Asset Collection. It’s not just visual aspect to provide more assets, in our case each one is a part of simulation. Perfect 2in1!

Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator successfully updated to v.1.2 2

Quality Props

One of those great quality assets came to Quadsimu from Free Industrial Props Collection Pack 6 designed and provided by SilverTm. SilverTm is a very creative studio developing assets and scenes for games. Their work can be found in many of the industry’s AAA and Indie Games. For more details check out SilverTm Website.

ADDED: Barrel, Crate, Boxes, Pallet, Shelfs, Traffic Cone.


With transition to ALPHA from Pre-ALPHA where I did try to prove my concept and get basic quadcopter Fly Controller. Time to put some spirit into it to make you feel good instead of getting dizzy from crashes and very raw environment spinning around. With this update I have added new foliage from Open World Collection by Epic Games and Free Trees Library by Luis.

Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator successfully updated to v.1.2 3

Trees, Ferns & Flowers

A collection of realistic assets from Epic’s Open World demo shown at GDC 2015. And beautiful trees from Free Trees Library. Both packs has been customize and optimize for Quadsimu needs.

ADDED: Birch, Acacia, Buttercup Flowers Patch, Scabious Flowers Patch and Ferns.


This new feature is in early development and it may become more complex in the future. As you may know our device is working on the same principles as real quadcopter considering the logic behind the flying controller and physics.


Quadsimu v.1.2 do not simulate fluid physics what mean that we do not take aerodynamic into the calculation. Aerodynamics is the way air moves around things. The rules of aerodynamics explain how an airplane is able to fly. Anything that moves through air reacts to aerodynamics. A rocket blasting off the launch pad and a kite in the sky react to aerodynamics. Aerodynamics even acts on cars, since air flows around cars. Maybe with quantum computers in the future it will be able to do this amount of calculation in real time. Now we have to use what is available for us and make it work in the way which would be close to reality as possible.

Four Forces of Flight

The four forces of flight are lift, weight, thrust and drag. These forces make an object move up and down, and faster or slower. Depend of how much of each force there is changes how the object moves through the air and we do have control over them.

With Quadsimu v.1.2 we have ability to choose prop set from four propeller types. Each one provides different blade configuration and different fly properties. Yes, each one provides different fly properties by adding different linear and angular physics damping properties to our aircraft. Audio too is synchronized to emits noise based on chosen propeller set. In the future I would like to add Blade Pitch, impact on engine efficiency, heat over time, impact on battery live based on chosen setup.


VFX is the art of combining computer-generated (CG) sequences with live-action footage to create scenes that can’t be filmed in real life. With visual effects like smoke with sparks can be brought to our screens when quadcopter get destroyed to make illusion of real world destruction inside computer simulation.

VFX in Quadsimu v.1.2
Visual Effects in Quadsimu v.1.2

This time Quadsimu v.1.2 use vfx to bring illusion when device crashing into the pieces by implementation of customized visual effect No.8 from VFX Variety Pack by Kakky also from Unreal Engine Marketplace.


High definition commercial free internet radio with over 21 year old online experience has to offer a wide selection of the more popular modern styles including ambientdrum & bassdubstepjazzpoppsychedelic trancerapreggaerock and techno and more. Clean and simple for listeners, no advertising or commercials of any kind on Party Vibe Radio Station.

Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator successfully updated to v.1.2 8
Party Vibe – High Definition Commercial Free Internet Radio in Quadsimu v.1.2

Quadsimu v.1.2 has got implemented free HTML5 radio player  provided by Radio Party Vibe in simulator homepage. Works with pretty much all known browsers. By this move we saving game size and providing you with high definition music to relax your soul.

Horizontal Speed with Drag

The horizontal velocity of a motion problem deals with motion in the x direction; that is, side to side, not up and down. Gravity, for example, acts only in the vertical direction and doesn’t affect horizontal motion directly. Horizontal velocity comes from forces that act in the x-axis.

Horizontal Speed & Drag in Quadsimu v.1.2

Sticks Overlay

Quadsimu with last update has received Artificial Horizon indicator added to Sticks Overlay. This time also you have preview of Horizontal Velocity and Drag which is like a drift in the sport cars.

To access Sticks Overlay: Press A – Gamepad or X – Keyboard.

Pilot Status

Drone Code in Quadsimu

Quadsimu v.1.2 introducing “Pilot Status” available to access from Garage. Unfortunately it will not be functional yet this is quick reaction to what is currently going on around drone industry. Gradually new features will appear with subsequent updates. Below you will find the first rules that I will try to implement.

Pilot Status in Quadsimu v.1.2
Pilot Status in Quadsimu v.1.2

I think of to pass this task to Sophie our narrative voice. And also as a visual signalization to have alternative choice.

Drone Code Rules

  • Don’t fly near airports or airfields,
  • Remember to stay below 400ft (120m),
  • Observe your drone at all times – stay 150ft (50m) away from people and property,
  • Never fly near aircraft,
  • Enjoy responsibly.

Quadsimu Drone Education Service is not to replace the real test but to make it easier for new pilots to pass one.

Full Changelog

Full list of changes, fixes for Quadsimu v.1.2 are available below. With the next update I would like to provide more visuals improvements, fixes to deliver great experience in any circumstances.


  • Props
    • Barrel,
    • Carton Box,
    • Storage Shelf,
    • Traffic Cone.
  • Trees (SM)
    • Acacia,
    • Birch.
  • 4 Propeller Types with impact on Physics & Audio:
    • 5020 – 5″inch, 2x Blade,
    • 5030 – 5″inch, 3x Blade,
    • 5040 – 5″inch, 4x Blade,
    • 5050 – 5″inch, 5x Blade.
  • Smoke & Sparks VFX on Destroyed.
  • Unlimited Music\Radio Player Party – Vibe embed in simulator web page.
  • Horizontal Speed + Drag – display values in Sticks Overlay Widget.
    • HS_Right
    • HS_Left
  • My Profile (introduction to drone education service)
  • Altitude Stabilization Filter for ANGLE Mode.
  • Values exposed to Device Tune Mode:
    • Pitch Bitrate + reset,
    • Roll Bitrate + reset,
    • Yaw Bitrate + reset,
    • Altitude Bitrate + reset.


  • Trees to Playground Level.
  • Engine Outcome Acceleration for Mixed Motor Algorithm (MMA)
  • Engine/Propeller rotation with smooth interpolation to 0 from drone activate state to deactivate.
  • Altitude Indicator to Tune Mode.
  • Altitude Stabilization Strength value exposed to Device Options in Main Menu.
  • Categories Name for Device Options in Main Menu.
  • ANGLE Mode PID exposed to Device Options.
    • Pitch (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
    • Roll (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
    • Yaw (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
    • Altitude (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)


  • PID Tune Overlay not updating values after quadcopter has been destroyed.
  • Sticks Overlay not updating values after quadcopter has been destroyed.
  • Audio Settings Accept Text has wrong font type.
  • Too dark levels:
    • Main Menu,
    • Garage,
    • Challenger.
  • Minor design changes in PID TUNE.
  • Possible Failstart in Challenger.
  • No loading default settings after update to QS version 1.1a.
  • Unsmooth transition from Acrobatic (ACR) to Angle mode (AGL).


  • Min Propeller Speed to Idle Propeller Speed
  • Sound to Sophie at Audio Settings


  • Removed Unused Assets.
  • Texture Size Reduction.
  • Materials Optimization.
  • Activate/Deactivate Sound.
  • Switch Physics Damping.
  • Propellers Mixing Controller.
  • Audio Volume in Challenger and Playground map.