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QUADSIMU v.07 - Huge performance optimization 1

QUADSIMU v.07 – Huge performance optimization

Despite the fact that publishing projects in HTML5 is flagged as experimental in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a great time for Quadsimu to use tools that we already have provided with the engine.

The main task of v.07 update was to reduce the size of the application. What affects significantly for the loading / downloading time. In our Dev Tip section soon should appear detailed guide with tips on how to reduce the Unreal Engine 4 HTML5 project size. In the meantime, for those interested in how to test HTML5 applications on a local-host and on a public-host along with WordPressI invite you here.


v.06 VS v.07


Size: 191 MB
Download Time: 299.64s
Compiling Web Assembly: 1.22s


Size: 107 MB
Download Time: 93.2s
Compiling Web Assembly: 1.2s

More C++ for performance

It is true that it does not give 100 percent efficiency that pure C ++ can achieve. But nativization works and gives us a boost of energy. Most important calculations like quaternions are in pure cpp already. And now: Engines, PID, Variometer calculations passed nativization process. More can be achieved in the future.

Full changelog

QUADSIMU v.07 – Huge performance optimization changelog and previous updates could be found in QUADSIMU UPDATES. Please notice that QUADSIMU has more updates than posts about it. Everyday something is happening under the hud.

  • Operation System
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Video card
  • DirectX