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This new update brings a lot of cool changes to Quadsimu Quadcopter Simulator. Are you ready? First of all, DISCORD landed on our quadcopter simulator webpage. Now DISCORD bubble will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you don’t know already, DISCORD is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform. Designed initially for the video gaming community to freely talk while play, send text massages, images, videos and audio between users.

Essential features

  • Simple interface. It lets you add friends using their Discord tag which is similar in format to Twitter’s hashtags.
  • Share images, videos, files, and links from your desktop or mobile.
  • Shows friend suggestions based on your registered email address.
  • Add friends individually and message them outside of servers.
  • Block direct messages from unwanted people and Discord automatically hides their messages in the servers.
  • Auto-encrypts chats and other data, and even protects your IP address, unlike major VoIP solutions.
  • DDoS protection. 
  • Automatic failover mechanism which works to upstart the app in case of server issues.
  • High performance.
  • Completely ad-free!


QUADSIMU | QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR and DISCORD use very similar colors palette and this do not combine very well together. So I decided to do some changes also in this area. Secondly changes were also made in the application itself, not just only at the site level. This resulted in harmony and gave a new style in general.


After integrating DISCORD chat to QUADSIMU homepage, it turned out that the current color scheme is not good enough. The solution was the adoption of colors used by Discord, which made the whole look more uniform and slick. However, to become unique, the decision was made to keep one of the original colors of our site – beautiful orange! And rip it with the rest.

Color IDHexRGB
6.#e8491d (232, 73, 29)


Our Quadcopter Simulator has new Digital font, less decorations, better placement and performance. This is new refreshed user interface. Although the previous one was ok it was suited more to the game than to the simulator. The present is a bit more similar to what can be found in reality. Current FPS widget was removed from UI. To check your frame rate, simple open command console by pressing tilde button ( ~ ) on your keyboard and type stat fps to see what is your current frame rate.


New ability in game to stick a sticker in desire place. Experience needed to complete the trick! With option to choose and save selected sticker design. To do so, check a Garage where in addition to information about our flying device, you can now choose a sticker pattern from a small collection. This collection will certainly grow with time, but in the meantime you will find there 6 beautiful designs from PIXABAY – stunning free images gallery shared by talented community.


v.09 – 12/06/2019

  • More efficient handling of altitude calculation.
  • Engines audio optimized
  • NEW – APP – Sticker system
    • Stick a sticker on the walls, floor or any object you want to.
    • Sticker is placed on the bottom of drone. Once you are in good position press “right shoulder” button on your gamepad to place sticker at current location. Walls, floor, ceilings, anywhere.
    • Ability to choose sticker from small sticker library and save it.
  • FPS widget has been removed from UI – To check current FPS call command console and type “stat FPS
  • Date widget has been removed from UI
  • Smoothed Frame Rate Range from 60 to 240 FPS for gaming monitors with the highest refresh rates available on the market up to 240 Hz.
  • NEW – WEB – DISCORD embedding.
  • APP – Adopting Discord theme colors.
  • APP – GARAGE – Prevent from adding to the screen game widgets.
  • APP – GAMEPLAY – PHYSICS – More accurate physics handling.
  • APP – GAMEPLAY – AUDIO – More dynamic engines sound handling.
  • APP – OPTIONS – Graphical settings not displayed correctly fixed.


Clear browsing data! If you have a problem saving the settings or the application does not work properly after the update, the reason may be in the cache memory of your internet browser. Solution is in deleting browser’s cache.

Is highly recommended to not use QUADSIMU | FPV SIMULATOR app in your default web-browser. For example, if Chrome is your default browser, consider using Firefox instead or vice versa. This will allow you to freely delete the entire cache without worrying about losing your daily settings. Visit www.clear-your-cache.com for more in depth and step by step instruction on how to clear cache from your browser.


I NEED YOUR VOICE! At this stage (v. 09 – open pre-alpha) there is still much to do. SHARE your experiences & REPORT BUGS! Also consider to hit this RED BELL in the left – bottom corner of your screen to receive notifications about progress.