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Quadcopter Simulator v.1.0 1

Quadcopter Simulator v.1.0

From Pre-Alpha to Alpha!

HTML5 Responsive Design.

Let’s Crack it!

Time to move on! After few weeks of hard work finally today I have pleasure to present to you freshly updated quadcopter simulator to version 1.0! Also this is already the tenth update for QUADSIMU and time to transit from pre-alpha to alpha status. This update brings to Quadsimu | FPV Quadcopter Simulator some new interesting features. So let’s dive with me and see what is going on.

New Menu

Main Menu.

Menu widget was completely redesigned from scratch once again. Press “P” or “Special Select” on game-pad to access menu. Available any time no matter you are in garage or in the game. At this point I would like to credits Mathew Wadstein for his work on Unreal Concepts – Blueprint Only Video Settings Menu which appear to solved issues we had before. Also Advanced Vehicle Pack by Balint3DDesign from Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace was very helpful for our needs. Hopefully, no more issues with graphical settings. Menu is better organized, with slick tabs for Restart, Levels, Settings, Garage, About, Quit also with slide in animation and loading notification. This extended menu template will be modified with time to get more polished look, but already it is give us more appropriate base to further works.

Time Attack

First Gameplay – Freestyle & Racing.

Time Attack mode is a type of challenge in which the pilot compete for the best lap time and whole race time. Drone is timed through numerous gates of the track. The best results achieved in a time attack mode will be stored in long-term memory by the application, so they can be shared with friends or improved upon at a later date.

The “Challenger” map provide simple race track in shape of rounded square. Very similar to Playground map in terms of size. All FPV gates are placed on the same level. Pilot has to fly through all FPV gates in order to complete race. By passing one of the gates in correct direction, then this will activate the pulsing ring marker in in next destination gate. This logic was inspired by Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series called BP Time Attack Racer from 2015 but seems to work still very well in current days and give us a foundation to modify and build upon.


Our new flight controller female voice notify you when you lost direction. She also will drop some other tips here and there dependent of situation. She has few simple tasks at the moment, but I will improve her “intelligence” with time. For your curiosity, her nice female voice comes from the Google translator with minor modifications. The best results achieved in a time attack mode will be stored in long-term memory by the application, so they can be shared with friends or improved upon at a later date.

Force Feedback

Successfully added the game-pad force feedback support. Tested with Xbox controller on various web-browsers. Option available to set on/off from Main Menu >> Options >> Controllers >> Force Feedback. Also you can save it accordingly to your preference.

Lights and Shadows

This is one of the those tricky things due to experimental mode. Unfortunately at the moment we are not able to provide such a features like static and dynamic shadows or dynamic cloth simulation. Also lights propagate differently in engine compared to the web-browser. But not everything is perfect. Some places are too dark and I hope I will be able to improve this with the next updates as well as other problems. Good news is that with this update we getting more natural lighting from HDRI maps from HDRI Haven. Highly recommended great place with quality HDRI maps for everyone and for free.

F.P.V. gates

Set of 5 new inflated big gates for now in use on our map “Playground” for freestyle. All of them has custom collision to provide precise and lightweight collision solution. At the moment lighting do not apply correctly on those objects and this will be a fix with next updates, also materials need to be modified to yield better results. Most of it is in very basic state, however this will get change over time.

Chrome, Firefox, Brave…

Quadsimu | F.P.V. Quadcopter Simulator app loading time.

Our Quadcopter Simulator has been tested with Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and with new web-browser called Brave. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web. Blocks unwanted content by default and provide a deep level of protection. Also you can earn Basic Attention Token and support creators you like. In the future I will test other web-browser with QUADSIMU simulator application to make sure everything is working well. At this point I would like to declare that that QUADSIMU | F.P.V. QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR needs also your feedback. I would love to know what is working and what is not on your end.

Full Change-log

Please visit also TODO & UPDATES to see full change-log. This place was designed to provide to readers fresh information about progress from work on upcoming updates and planed changes. Including short and long term plans for this project. Also you can join to conversation and give me some direction if you have interesting idea. For this purpose we have forum thread “Feedbacks & Ideas” reserved for this task. Also keep in mind this is still very early state not everything is working as intended so be aware of it. This is very typical and is nothing to worry about. Have you catch the bug already – great! Please “Report bugs” here. Prototyping is full of bugs and solving them.

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