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Quadsimu | Quadcopter Simulator v.1.1a

Quadcopter Simulator – QUADSIMU v.1.1a

Today I have pleasure to pass a good news to the world about new update, which just has been arrived to QUADSIMU | QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR undear version 1.1a. This update comes with new and expanded functionality, improvements, new objects and fixes to known bugs. QUADSIMU SIMULATOR is a web based application for quadcopter pilots. Quadsimu simulator will help you to learn how to fly freestyle or racing drones, any time, any where, regardless of weather and without damages from crashes. For full changelog please see a list below, but firstly check out new video.


Quadcopter Simulator - QUADSIMU v.1.1a 1

New materials system solution for quadcopter device has been implemented. This will improve materials loading time and textures. It is based on instances of one material for all parts. Each material generates its own separate shader, so using instances helps reduce build size and memory consumption since they all share the same underlying shader. Instead of using 10 separate shaders, Quadsimu device use only 1!

Artificial Horizon

The attitude indicator (AI), formerly known as the gyro horizon or artificial horizon, is a flight instrument that informs the pilot of the aircraft orientation relative to Earth’s horizon, and gives an immediate indication of the smallest orientation change. The miniature aircraft and horizon bar mimic the relationship of the aircraft relative to the actual horizon. It is a primary instrument for flight. To activate Artificial Horizon press A on Gamepad or X on Keyboard. Available in all camera modes.


Is It looks easy to swallow? But it’s not! Trust me. It takes a lot of concentration and self-control before you can cross the whole tunnel. Available two types, a straight and curved 22.5 degree tunnel. Covered with mesh fabric so we can see through while flying.

Feed News

Quadcopter Simulator - QUADSIMU v.1.1a 4

Main Menu now has small area for few buttons with links to the most important topics for Quadsimu Pilots:

  • How Become a Pilot,
  • Recent Updates,
  • Join Discord,
  • Report Bugs.


Improved Third Person View from camera behind the quadcopter. This camera has available two modes, Standard and Free. Standard TPV camera will try to keep device rotation and leaves a lot of freedom. While the TPV FREE camera will give you a chance to take a look on things from different perspective. Gamepad Right Stick or Right/Left, Top/Down arrow keys on the keyboard to manually look around.


Quadcopter Simulator - QUADSIMU v.1.1a 5

Our quadcopter already can simulate damage to a certain degree. To improve it I have exposed some functionality to make it more interesting. Firstly, now we can set on/off this function any time, which may be a good idea for new pilots to keep off and avoid respawn every time we crashed. By default is set to off. also if you feels like given setup not suit you then adjust to your liking.

Full Changelog

Of Course it’s not all and I would love to show you more, if you are interested to see full changelog for more details of what exactly was done in this version of QUADSIMU, please follow this link with FULL CHANGELOG and also plans for the upcoming future, and reports on ongoing work. Are You Ready to Become a Pilot? Try Now!


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