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One Man Helicopter - Flyer R1 Engine side

Progress of the One man helicopter – Flyer R1

Flyer R1 Unreal Engine 4

Progress of the One man helicopter –  “Flyer R1” If you remember the idea for this concept was to design a small helicopter for one man with hunger to fly, some engineering skills and passion. The requirement was to build something light from the parts available on the market. For example engine is base on not new build of 2 stroke motorbike engine with 1 liter CC for each cylinder. But it’s using modern digital navigation system based on Garmin style navigations, composit blades, aero aluminium frame, plexiglass for floor and head protector for greater visibility, carbon fibre for stiffening of the structure and more. This model is made of few seperate parts for easy feather modification: Rotors, engine, cockpit, device, seat, transmission shaft, landing gears. Rigged with animations, no overlapping uvs, clean quad topology.

What’s rigged?

Device: all buttons & switches. Cockpit: pedals, joystick & joystick buttons. Engine: Starter wheel & petrol valve. Rotors: main & rear rotor with possibility to change attack angle of main rotor blades.

One Man Helicopter – Flyer – R1 – No textures! by Multipainkiller Studio on Sketchfab

The project will be divide into two parts:

  • Full model of Flyer R1 (soon) available from my Sketchfab store. For those who use other game engines or would like to use it for something different, then this option will be perfect for you. It doesn’t include textures so you can make texture on your own in your way. Planed price: £3.69!
  • Flyer R1 project for Unreal Engine 4 with controllers to operate this machine. All in blueprints based on pawn actor with ability to possess, turn on/off navigation instruments, switch lights and cameras on/off, start engine if is enough fuel in the tank, condition system with taking damage on hit into the obstacle depent of the momentum, and more… Like the platform to repair machine, refuel, or change the color and more… Soon video preview of the progress. Early version will be available for sale from my Gumroad store for only £4.96!


Models: fix shading here and there, improve some uvs, provide more elements like landing and front camera, lamps, fuel canister, etc. Depend on your feedback. Blueprints: there are few issue and big field to improve it.

I would love to build more examples of such a flying machine type, for instance dependent on how much it would be cost to build in real life. This version Flyer R1 with digital navigation device, I would say is medium range price. Lower price variations I see with analog cockpit, different engine and so on. This will give me a chance to design more variants.


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