D2 – Futuristic military drone

Drones for Unreal Engine 4

D2 is the second military drone from the new line of futuristic drones. This aircraft is fully armed! His arms hold 2x machine guns, 2x self-guided long range missiles. Pack includes 7 separate parts, animations & pbr materials.

D2 – Futuristic Military Drone – £ 25+


Shell – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 36.0k
  • Vertices 19.4k

Cockpit – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 58.8k
  • Vertices 31.9k

Landing Gears – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 17.4k
  • Vertices 9.4k

Machine Guns – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 14.2k
  • Vertices 7.8k

Engine – Static mesh

  • Polygons 8.6k
  • Vertices 4.4k

Missle Launcher – Static mesh

  • Polygons 22.2k
  • Vertices 11.3k

Navigations – Static mesh

  • Polygons 5.5k
  • Vertices 3.0k


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