Collectable Item Pack – Prototype Free

For Unreal Engine 4

Creating a new project is awesome, but sometimes when we do not have the right toys it’s hard to laugh. Free collectable item pack for Unreal Engine 4 coming here with a few new assets to your toys collection. Check out this asset preview below to see what you can have in your prototyping arsenal!

Get Collectable Item Pack Now & Prototype Free!


Free Collectable Item Pack Descriptions

Items: 30 x Static Meshes. Traps: 1 x Static Mesh Crate 1m: 1 x Static Mesh Trees: 2 x Static Mesh
Items: 2k PBR textures and materials Particle Effects: 1k textures
Items: 24 x particle effects on item spawn 24 x particle effects on item pickup Traps: 2 x particle effect on item spawn
6 x sound cues for testing purpose. At the moment sound is coming from but I would like to provide my own.
Unreal Engine 4.18+ 100% Blueprints based on First Person Template.
  • Provide more objects.
  • Fix & Updates.
  • Add more functionality.
  • Add multiplayer support - premium only
  • Design new sounds & replace existed.
  • Test for consoles & mobiles.
  • Clean up from borrowed stuff (T_cloud, T_splatter_decal, sound.)
  • Rebuild pack for Armory.


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