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Yahman Engine for One Man Helicopter

One Man Helicopter – summary before early access

Quick Summary

After few months of hard work with modeling, creating materials, building blueprints structure, composing the sound and visual effects I have to say the project is getting closer to release the first version of One Man Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4. This “early access” will start from next weekend, the download button with link will appear once it get approved. Planned price for early access – only 4.69 GB to the end of this year. After purchase you will get access to the Client Dashboard with history of your transactions and asset manager to download files any time you need it. Also this include all upcoming upgrades and fixes

One Man Helicopter – Ep.8 Summary before early access.

Early Access

14th October 2018 12:00 AM  Early Access will be available. This going to be our starting point for One Man Helicopter project. I hope you watched the summary video where I have tried to expose cons and pros of current state. As you notice we have few small issues to fix, so it’s not really production ready and for this reason starting price is very low and I want you to be aware of this before you made decision. But I strongly believe this move going to bring to this project more attention, feedbacks and solutions. 


Multipainkiller Studio has freshly builded forum to solve any issue associated with service on this website and my projects. Great place to get together with my clients and keep track of any problems, ideas or requirements. This is also example of how seriously I’m about this approach and how important is to me providing quality game assets. This forum is prepared to handle discussions with ability to post images and videos URL for smoother conversation. Client or Subscriber can subscribe to the topic to get email notification once reply is made. Common things to make our life a bit easier. If you prefer more private correspondence please contact me.    


Not sure. Well, no problem! But if you consider to hit the red bell in the left corner of your screen you will be notify about any changes made in One Man Helicopter project for Unreal Engine 4 and also about other newses and upcoming upgrades, projects and releases. This may help you decide in the future if you want to use any of my assets.

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