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Helicopter P01

One Man Helicopter – New aircraft types for Unreal Engine 4

New Aircraft – New Concepts

The new helicopter P01 is coming to One Man Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4. With each aircraft something new is coming to make us feel more realistic behind the controller. The last build R05 came with altitude controller stick, unfortunately absent in previous build, also rotors for P01 has some changes. The angle of the rear and main blades are changing accordingly to your movements. This time also main rotor head with blades can lean back and forward .

New Direction

Along with P01 creation process something new was born in my mind. Please take a look at blueprints drawings below to see where the whole concept and the next flyer designs are going to. Frame for the P01 is inspired by modern speed bike based on super light composite frames technology. Thanks to this solution I was able to build-in landing gears into the frame as the one piece.


Helicopter R1.0
R1.0 is the first one man helicopter type for this pack. Comes with digital cockpit device and components like landing camera, lights, flares, navigation. See previous posts to get more informations.


Helicopter R05
R05 is the second machine in the line. Is based on the helicopter R1.0 with analog cockpit devices. This aircraft is like striped down version of R1.0 where the analog cockpit letting to integrate even more with the aircraft.


Helicopter P01
P01 is a new flying machine with different frame design. This baby has rigged everything, most is already connected like a rear and main rotor blades, also main rotor and all instruments. This more sporty version has same engine 2lcc but this time the battery and fuel tank are as exchangeable parts. The P01 frame is the entry to new types.


Helicopter N01
N01 is going to be based on P01 machine. This time the goal of this model is to bring design with 2x main rotor instead of the standard solution with single main rotor and rear as the balancer. Note the N01 and D01 is in early concept the final product may be very different from the current drawings.


Aircraft D01
D01 is going to be the first flyer basing on drone technology with electric motors. With two engines but later models may come with different solutions. This guy will have front and rear spoilers with mechanical flaps for better airflow control, something like in F1 or super fast boats.

RAW- P01 Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4 

by Multipainkiller Studio
on Sketchfab


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