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One Man Helicopter - Unreal Engine - Last updates

One Man Helicopter – Last Updates

Big changes under hud 

The last 3 updates brings for One Man Helicopter some bugs fixes and also big organizing changes. At the moment unpacked file size of One Man Helicopter is about 1.2GB and zipped less then 900MB. Unfortunately with update v02 I have noticed we have issue with packing OMH, due to too long path naming. Prototyping is great time but very soon your scene may became full of garbage. Broken blueprints, materials, unused objects, etc. And this is almost exactly what happened to One Man Helicopter.

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Maximum Path Length Limitation

All file systems supported by Windows includes Unreal Engine 4 use the concept of files and directories to access data stored on a disk or device. Windows developers working with the Windows APIs for file and device I/O should understand the various rules, conventions, and limitations of names for files and directories. Data can be accessed from disks, devices, and network shares using file I/O APIs. Files and directories, along with namespaces, are part of the concept of a path. Which is a string representation of where to get the data regardless if it’s from a disk or a device or a network connection for a specific operation. In the Windows API the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which is defined as 260 characters

Right decisions

This projects includes not just the logic to hold behaves of each aircraft, but unique prototypes of one person flying machines with many components. Each has individual materials with custom textures. Some of them using the sounds, some of them are using particle systems. The best way to do it right was go through all the assets, one by one and simply renamed with more accuracy and keeping short as possible. It took me about 6 days, but I am very happy of it. This will save us much more time in the future. 


Currently the latest version of One Man Helicopter v03 is uploaded and ready to download. Previous update v02 has some issue & errors fixes. For more informations about what exactly was fixed and how, please visit One Man Helicopter forum page to see full changelog.


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