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One Man Helicopter - Flyer R1 - Introduction

One Man Helicopter – Flyer R1 – Introduction

Flyer R1 – Introduction

One Man Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4 – Flyer R1 – Introduction – is made entirely in blueprints based on Pawn Actor so it can be placed anywhere on the map and be possess by character. Destination – premium asset for marketplace. Status WIP. Planed price for early access under £5!

Some of the main features already implemented:

  • 1. Fuel usage and refill system.
  • 2. Damage system based on momentum.
  • 3. Engine temperature driven by world temperature and engine RPM.
  • 4. Fumes, engine sound, blades sound, field of view, camera driving force and more based on RPM.
  • 5. Ability to change visual appearing by controlling the colors of the material for the each group of components.
  • 6. Ability to change swappable parts.
  • 7. Objective system with navigation.
  • 8. HUD display with artificial horizon, speed, altitude, time, engine and world temperature, RPM, flares, and compass.
  • 9. Three camera types including the free cockpit camera with ability to look around and follow the target.
  • 10. And more.

The purpose of the One Man Helicopter

The purpose is to provide unique experience to your project. Flyer R1 is the first prototype from the whole production line. This machine its build of the few exchangeable parts, for easy replace, upgrade or downgrade of this machine if it’s necessary. This blueprint will hold any aircraft from this type, like drones, gyrocopters, helicopters. The Flyer R1 has very unique build thanks to the few principles I decide to follow. In order to make it long term project with more variants and be unique.

Main designing criteria:

  • 1. Create personal flying units with vertical takeoff.
  • 2. Build it from widely available parts on the market.
  • 3. Base on the price range, from lower to higher end.
  • 4. Achievable with some passion, knowledge, free time and garage space.
  • 5. Easy to modify with exchangeable parts.
  • 6. Detailed with performance and functionality in mind
  • 7. Push Normals Weighting technique to maximum.
  • 8. No high poly to low poly backing, only use of custom normal maps and alphas.
  • 9. Limit to not go over than 100000 faces. Current state of Flyer R1 with all parts is less than 80000.

Sketchfab Inspection


  • 1. Fix shaders.
  • 2. Improve wind system and make upon weather system.
  • 3. Clean up and prepare to early access.
  • 4. Provide more parts and aircraft types.

Introduction video


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