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One Man Helicopter Early Access

One Man Helicopter – Early Access

Unique Helicopter 

Time is running very fast and I have still many things to do before One Man Helicopter project for Unreal Engine 4 will come out of early access status. But for me this is exciting moment, finally after very long time One Man Helicopter going to rich the next stage which is “early access“.

Project with past

The first drawing of the first flyer R1 I have made at the end of the 2017 with the prototype model not long after. I had few other projects to do in the meantime. Serious business starts about 6 months ago when I decided to go full-time with this project. Very quickly I fell in love with this project. Below I have prepared short video for you to see what I have done just before early access.

Product page

For more specific information about One Man Helicopter project please visit the product page.

Early Access Release Date: 14.10.2018


Not sure. Well, no problem! But if you consider to hit the red bell in the left corner of your screen you will be notify about any changes made in One Man Helicopter project for Unreal Engine 4 and also about other newses and upcoming upgrades, projects and releases. This may help you decide in the future if you want to use any of my assets.

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