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Aircrafts Damage System in OMH

OMH – Aircrafts Damage System

Aircrafts damage

New and better aircrafts damage system is coming with next update v.04 to “One Man Helicopter”. Previous system of receiving damage was rebuilt and now is more accurate. Like in the real world, physic damage is based mostly on the speed and weight of the aircraft hitting into the obstacle. Video below is showing the NASA engineers working on helicopter drop test. 

NASA crash test

What’s new

The same happens here, just without needs of crashing real unit. New aircrafts damage system calculates the momentum p=mv of the machine and determinate what scale of damage should be applied. This value is subtracted from total aircraft condition, what’s giving us current state of damage. Now when hitting into the obstacle, also we have small visual spark effect activating in the place hit occured. Sound is also very important to make you feel it’s happening.


Impact sound is divided to 3 sounds groups. Low, middle and high impact and they occur accordingly to damage impact scale. Also 3 camera shake types activating adecvate to situation. Once condition of our helicopter get below critical value, warning sound occur as long electric is On and battery is charged. Maybe we dealing here with helicopter from garage production, but anyway we think the Pilot should be notify about danger of this type same as with low fuel warning which may be crucial to make right decision for flyer operator. 

Easy set up

Nice and clean. Easy to understand and easy to change. You can exchange provided sound effect, visual effect, camera shake with custom effects. Moreover you have quick control over the exposed values to tune it as you like.

At the moment of writing this post I don’t have prepared new impact sounds and I am not sure if I will manage to prepare one before v04 release. This update is dedicated mostly to logic improvements but the sound will get cover with one of the next updates.


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