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Haunebu 2 for Unreal Engine 4

Nazi UFO secret weapons

UFO Haunebu 2 – Unreal Engine 4

Nazi UFO secret weapons project received the expected upgrade. Finally! I can present the new Haunebu 2 model. This is a free version, focusing on the external appearance of the object. Developed on the basis of historical records of Nazi secret weapons from the period of the Second World War and later.

This upgrade brings a new flying object called Haunebu 2. Packed in Unreal Engine 4.18 format. With linked material and placed in BP_Haunebu_2 blueprint based on BP_FlayingPawn from the Flaying example provided by Unreal Engine 4.

What is the next step?

The next step will be re-design and adding the previous Haunebu 1 model to the project. Add more functionality before starting work on Haunebu 3. Planned changes in Haunebu 1 is downgrade from 4k to 2k textures, divide it into three parts: Core, Shell, Base as in Haunebu 2. This will give you more possibilities.

Free version of Haunebu 3 design will also focus on the external appearance of the machine. All historical materials are welcome. If you are in possession of any materials related to the subject, authentic photos, documentation, etc. Contact me, every detail is important. Every little details make huge different!

One of the next things I would love to do is to add the animations for landing gears and guns for all UFO types. Next I will devote myself to building a premium version with focus on interior of these intriguing flying saucers.


Free Download 
The Nazi UFO secret weapons for Unreal Engine 4. Feel free to change, to modify. Share your work and soon we will provide more flying objects to keep you busy. If you are looking for only objects with textures, you can download these separately from the Multipainkiller Studio Sketchfab profile.


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