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Multipainkiller Studio- 3D Models, Quality Materials, Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Projects and SoundFX

Welcome to Multipainkiller Studio

Game assets for easier prototyping

Hello world! And welcome everyone to Multipainkiller Studio. I consider this day an official opening day, so “Let It Be“… My name is Dawid Artur Sikora and I am the founder of this place, but moreover I am game assets creator. Also I am happy father of the three childrens. Last years of my life I dedicated to explore 3D world from developers perspective. And unfortunately, but I fell in love. I want to continue this journey, I want to learn and create more serious things. That’s why I have decided to create this place with game assets for you! Today I would like to take another small step in my adventure and share my work with the world here, officially from now on at Multipainkiller Studio.

3D Models – Quality Materials – UE4 Blueprint Projects

What is Multipainkiller Studio?

Each of us needs his place where he can freely share his achievements. For this purpose I have created a small website to serve you in better manner, than form the few places at once. It is slowly but constantly expanding service. With more and more designs every month. You will find 3D models here, with animations, materials, soundfx, visualfx, in blueprints and also C++ projects. Free and Premium.

What is the goal?

My goal is to find your interest, get your opinions and learn lessons from your criticism to provide quality assets for your needs. Therefore my products are in very reasonable prices, and funny in comparison to the time spent on them. Hard work always pays off. As people say – there is nothing in life for free. But I want your satisfaction, and I want your attention so in my offer you will also find free game assets that I hope will help you in your prototyping journey. Of course, nothing is bug free. And I hope this will teach me to capture and solve problems on a higher level, and for this reason Multipainkiller Studio has it own forum to solve any problem.

Free & Premium Game Assets

Free & Premium game assets packed into Unreal Engine 4 format with quality materials, designed with performance and flexibility in mind. Each product is accompanied by a video presentation and with preview on Sketchfab to help you inspect the product before purchase.

Why free?
  • I personally learned a lot from the free resources, video tutorials. And I also want to give something back, like those wonderful people, thanks to whom I am today here with you.
  • Advertising is a leverage of trade. And of course, I’m not the first who realizes that this has an impact on interest, so why not use it?


By joining to Multipainkiller Studio notification system you can be sure you will be notify about upcoming concepts, free and premium assets, updates of already existing products, but also you giving me inspiration for further work and the desire to develop more, smarter and better.

Easy prototyping!