…"Let there be light"…
One-man flyer prototype

Homemade one-man helicopter

Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4

This project is a representation of a homemade one-man helicopter. This 3d model is first from this collection, soon will appear more based on the same concept principles. Above example shows a prototype with color ID already assigned, but  there are a few more things left to do. As you can see from the quick render, the object takes shape.

We are dealing here with a aircraft that can be built in a garage from parts and components generally available on the market. This little trick will help me to keep it unique. And provide assets with no extra license agreement.

Same as in the MMT Ripsaw Experience project for Unreal Engine 4, here I would like to provide an unforgettable experience from a flight machine cockpit built in a garage. 

Let’s feel the touch of wind! Frrr…

Project will be available as:

  • The 3d model itself, which allow you to use it with your favorite 3D game engine and will be available for purchase from Sketchfab.
  • And a fully functional blueprint project with fly controls for this model in Unreal Engine 4. This example will be available for purchase from Gumroad and Unreal Engine Marketplace. Price will not exceed £10 pounds! This is the first project to open the upcoming price promotions at Multipainkiller Studio 3D – Projects.

In the future I would like to create more variants. Provide flying machines based on Gyrocopter and one-man drones principles. Separately and combined with same pricing rate.


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