Dev tips for game developers

Dev Tips | Blender-3D, Unreal Engine, Godot

Dev Tips for Artists & Game Developers Dev Tips for Blender-3D, Unreal Engine, Godot are all about providing simple advices for game artists and developers to achieve reliable workflow between software with good […]

Unreal Engine 4.23 | HTML5 no longer supported

With the last update in September 4, 2019 Epic released new Unreal Engine 4.23 with tons of new features and improvements. Potentially this was one of the biggest updates in […]

Collectable Items

In Game Collectable Items – Free Assets Packs

Collectable Items Packs for Unreal Engine 4 – foods, drinks, fruits, health, gems, magic bottles, maps, swords, knives, etc. In order to make it more organized, this pack has been […]

Download or Login Failed

Broken Download? Download or login failed? Dear members this may happen currently on Multipainkiller Studio service. Downloads difficulties are related only to downloads with over 400 MB. Smaller downloads files […]

Create Game For Free

Who we are? We are the future! Artists, creators and developers from around the world who want to create games for free. From beginners to professionals. We were joined by […]

Quadcopter Simulator v.1.0

From Pre-Alpha to Alpha! Let’s Crack it! Time to move on! After few weeks of hard work finally today I have pleasure to present to you freshly updated quadcopter simulator […]

QUADSIMU v.07 – Huge performance optimization

Despite the fact that publishing projects in HTML5 is flagged as experimental in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a great time for Quadsimu to use tools that we already have provided […]


QUADSIMU IN WEB-BROWSER is still a simple simulator but it already has some interesting properties enabled. As the name suggests, QUADSIMU aspires to become a realistic simulator for the FREESTYLE […]

Facebook and Twitter social login

Login with Facebook or Twitter available now

Social login Social logins allow users to sign up for and log into your website, app, list or service through their social accounts, rather than creating a new account just […]

Pilot Seat

Pilot seat design for our ultralight rotorcraft

Early in the history of helicopter flight, it became apparent that helicopter flight crews complained of a remarkably high incidence of back pain compared to their fixed wing counterparts. Over […]

Skid Landing Gears

Helicopter landing gear systems

The rotorcraft possesses the unique ability to efficiently hover. However, the complex nature of the rotor’s oscillatory loads and vibration characteristics induced on each sub system make successful rotorcraft design […]

Personal Helicopter Airframe - Early concept

Structural analysis for personal helicopter airframe

Introduction Recently we have discussed the type of flight control and navigation equipment that will appear in our experimental personal helicopter. Of course, there are still a few components to […]

Flight instruments

Flight instruments

Introduction: Today we will see what the cockpit and flight instruments of a traditional helicopter and modern units look like. What information the pilot needs for a safe flight. And […]

Multipainkiller Studio summary of year 2018

Summary of 2018 and plans for 2019

Memento You can see after children how time passes quickly. They grow so fast. Almost exactly one year ago I officially shared a link to the newly created Multipainkiller Studio […]

Conventional Tail Rotor Solution

Helicopter Anti-Torque Concepts

Intro Today once again we going to look closer to conventional helicopter build with focus on anti-torque solutions. Recently we talked about engines, controllers, airfoils types, and main rotor solutions. […]

Helicopter Controllers

Helicopter Controls

Control Basics All conventional helicopters have the same basic controls to manipulates the helicopter flight controls to achieve and maintain controlled aerodynamic flight: Collective stick to enable power changes and vertical motion. Cyclic […]

Rotorcraft airfoil types

Airfoil Any object, such as a flat plate, or the deck of a bridge, with an angle of attack in a moving fluid will generate an aerodynamic force perpendicular to the flow. […]

Helicopter rotor head

Helicopter main rotor system

Introduction Lastly I have presented totally new engine concept as a upcoming upgrade for personal helicopter device P01 in One Man Helicopter project for Unreal Engine 4. Based on Rotax […]

Rotax Engine Components

Engine components

From Rotax 912 F to 915 iS  I chose Rotax engines technologies to rebuild one of the personal flying devices – P01 at the One Man Helicopter project for Unreal […]

Introduction to Rotax engine

Introduction to Rotax engine

Quick recap Last update to One Man Helicopter v.04 brought a few changes mostly to Po1 personal helicopter, but also to whether manager to keep track on temperature changes at […]

Temperature and Altitude

Air properties vs helicopter performance

Rotorcraft A helicopter is a type of aircraft that uses spinning wings called blades to fly. Unlike an airplane or glider, a helicopter has wings that move. Unlike a balloon, […]

Aircrafts Damage System in OMH

OMH – Aircrafts Damage System

Aircrafts damage New and better aircrafts damage system is coming with next update v.04 to “One Man Helicopter”. Previous system of receiving damage was rebuilt and now is more accurate. […]

One Man Helicopter - Unreal Engine - Last updates

One Man Helicopter – Last Updates

Big changes under hud  The last 3 updates brings for One Man Helicopter some bugs fixes and also big organizing changes. At the moment unpacked file size of One Man […]

Get Access

Get One Man Helicopter

Early Access available One Man Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4 – Series of unique personal flying machines with ability to vertical take off. Suit for the one pilot with the goal […]

One Man Helicopter Early Access

One Man Helicopter – Early Access

Unique Helicopter  Time is running very fast and I have still many things to do before One Man Helicopter project for Unreal Engine 4 will come out of early access […]

Yahman Engine for One Man Helicopter

One Man Helicopter – summary before early access

Quick Summary After few months of hard work with modeling, creating materials, building blueprints structure, composing the sound and visual effects I have to say the project is getting closer […]

Free Sound Effects for Games and Movies

Free Sound Effects for Games and Movies

What is Foley? Foley is a range of live sound effects. Originally developed for live broadcasts of radio drama in the early 1920s in various radio studios around the world. Named […]

One-man flyer prototype

Homemade one-man helicopter

Helicopter for Unreal Engine 4 This project is a representation of a homemade one-man helicopter. This 3d model is first from this collection, soon will appear more based on the […]

Extreme Vehicles Experience – Ripsaw Concept

Get involved in mastering Ripsaw with Machinery Modelling Toolkit Designed and built for the military as a lightweight, go fast super tank. Ripsaw proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever […]

Haunebu 2 for Unreal Engine 4

Nazi UFO secret weapons

UFO Haunebu 2 – Unreal Engine 4 Nazi UFO secret weapons project received the expected upgrade. Finally! I can present the new Haunebu 2 model. This is a free version, focusing […]

Unreal Engine 4 Collectible Item Pack Free

Free Collectable Item Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Collectable Item Pack  Creating a new project is awesome, but sometimes when we do not have the right toys it’s hard to laugh. Free collectable item pack for Unreal Engine […]

Free Sketchfab Assets

Free Assets from Sketchfab competitions!

Discover the new power of the magical world! About More than 1,000,000 models to discover including free assets! Explore art, games, cultural heritage, architecture, science and more. Enjoy staff picked […]

Flying Sourecer Production Line

Haunebu 2 – Concept

The Haunebu – 2 – Little story Haunebu I – for the first time this aircraft flew in 1939 and made 52 test flights. Few years later in 1942 the […]

D2 Unreal Engine 4 Sci Fi Military Drone

Futuristic Military Drones – D2

D2 is ready for inspection! New and second drone to our collection, this machine D2 also includes interior finish and all need it animations to make it work in Unreal […]

Custom Ripsaw Build

Check what’s coming!

The Next Concept I warmly invite everyone to see a new category – Next Concept where I will reveal in details the upcoming concepts for my Unreal Engine projects I […]

Multipainkiller Studio 3D Shop - open

Game Ready Assets for Unreal Engine

Multiapinkiller Studio 3D – Shop is Open! Wuwewuu… Officially, today I consider Multipainkiller Studio 3D – Shop with game ready assets for easy prototyping as open and ready to serve you! […]

Multipainkiller Studio- 3D Models, Quality Materials, Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Projects and SoundFX

Welcome to Multipainkiller Studio

Game assets for easier prototyping Hello world! And welcome everyone to Multipainkiller Studio. I consider this day an official opening day, so “Let It Be“… My name is Dawid Artur […]