Weapons and movement in Haze Sport are the keys to success especially in this fast as hell arena shooter. The ability to quickly select the best weapon for combat is a decisive factor in winning. 

Let’s start with what kind of weapon we need for our needs? The classic set we can pick up in this type of games is: melee weapon, machinegun, shotgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, laser / ligthning / electro gun, sniper / rail gun. So 7 basic weapons that we need. These 7 weapons combined with the ability to move quickly make our hero material for a warrior. But this time let’s go a step further. However, before we get to the bottom, we have to admit that there are quite a lot of weapons to change. It costs time and can affect the outcome of the battle.

Why do we need so much weapons? Each of these weapons has a different range. Properly used can create a killing tool. What if we create one monster gun? All in one like the Captain Planet! No more time lost between the changes of the weapon and more to focus on the duel.