Destination and philosophy of Haze Sport game

Raise your blood pressure, provoke healthy competition and have fun!
Haze Sport is focusing on strong multi-player PC game-play, with the ability to do LAN party with buddies. To satisfy team players and those who prefer one-on-one challenges. Our intention is to create a game that will be different from the ordinary shooters, just like the racing car from a ordinary vehicles. Therefore, the basic goal for Haze Sport game is to create conditions for competitive game play based on movement/weapon skills, developing reflexes, learning to make quick decisions in fractions of a second, and raising blood pressure. For fun, for our healthy and be able to improve yourself.

Quite difficult task. So how to Multipainkiller Studio wants to achieve this?
To get a sports car you need to get rid of unnecessary things from the ordinary car. Strengthen and abolish this and that. Add a few horsepower and reduce its weight. Mostly, the cockpit of a car looks like a Christmas tree, where in the sports car is just what is needed and within reach of the eyes. The conclusion is that simplicity plays a significant role in the process of creating such professional tools as sports cars, but of course not only for the construction of race cars this advantage is used. Studying contemporary research results on video game psychology combined with years of playing, testing and with developing experience we created our own recipe for success. With Haze Sport we would like to introduce some simplification and innovations to the modern arena shooters to create a professional tool for healthy competition. As a gym for a bodybuilder, or a skate-park for skates, a place where cyber-athletes can come to spend time improving themselves. 

Let’s take a closer look

  • Performance is a very important factor to get a smooth gameplay, so far we have tested the Unreal Engine capabilities in different circumstances and received promising results. Read more.
  • HUD in the game should be like a cockpit in a racing car. Only what is needed for the player. No unnecessary lights, switches and knobs. So, as you may think, our HUD will only present information depending on the situation. Here we distinguish two types of information the player needs. Constant and variable. Constant information is one that must be kept up to date, such as: life, armour, time, these are the data that must be constantly monitored. While variable information can only be displayed when we need it. For example: After selecting a rocket launcher, HUD will show the amount of ammunition remaining for the rocket launcher, not for the entire arsenal. This gives player the opportunity to focus on action better. Information variables that are not displayed because they are not relative to the situation, must be memorised or left to intuition.
  • The new weapon concept is designed to give you extra control over the situation. No matter whether you are in attack or defence. You will always have the chance to use the right weapon at the right time. Read more.
  • Arena Shooters games can be divided into two basic groups, based on movement. Bunny-hopping and Strafe-jumping. These two types we would like to implement for you in Haze Sport. The choice will be yours. It will be a competition between two style players. Over the past 20 years, dozens of games have been created based on one of these two movements. So let’s test cyberathletes from around the world by giving them the chance to meet in the same arena. Read more.

Positive impact on the player’s health

Laboratory studies have proven that video games affect the human body. It turned out that appropriately designed video games have an amazing positive impact on our brains. At present, this technology is being used with great success in reversing the negative effects of a stroke. Therefore, it can be presumed that a properly prepared game/program can reduce the chance of a stroke attack in the future. Why not use this latent potential? Pleasant with the useful, considering that the average age of the player is 33 years and this number grows over time as shown by the study. Who knows, maybe this game will save your life.