Customization in Haze Sport

Our hero is you! We only give you your personal drone to train the movement – to become faster. We will give you the newest weapon straight from the future – so you can control your opponent at any distance and at any time. This machine will give you strength and potential to become unstoppable. Your task is to subdue his power – speed and arsenal. Each player will receive the same drone, with the same hit box =  same chance to win for everyone. Of course it will be possible to personalize it. In such manners as it is done with sports car. Stickers on the bolide tell us who is the driver to whom team he belongs, symbols / decorations, sponsors, etc. In our case, some stickers will be able to win, some will be available by default for you and ready for modification and personalization. Additional element to choose from in Haze Sport is a wide collection of headgear: hats, helmets, masks, and skill based decorations ground on military patterns.