Haze Sport

This is a return to the true roots of the arena game with the power of present technology. Haze Sport is a first-person multiplayer shooter, designed to satisfy a gamer’s hunger for intense, long fast-paced action experience. Those tactical ones and reflex-based. Fly, jump, rocket-jump, swim, and win. Became the Master! View your match history, and track your stats. Bunny-Hopping vs Strafe-jumping movement. No pay to win, no save to win, no special abilities, no load ups! Simplicity and speed, let’s bring these attributes back. Thanks to Unreal Engine technology we can puts out an unbelievably high polygon count, while adding increased texture quality and the latest lighting and shadowing techniques, including soft shadows, tessellation, physically based materials, water reflections, glass simulation, volumetric light and fog, interactive environments, etc. Highly responsive and creative player movement, in-game chat, scoreboards, kill feed. Both classic and all-new game modes. Futuristic and unique guns with combo and a melee system to knock-down your enemy. Easy to customize. Masks, hats, stickers, etc… Create your own ornaments, tattoo, stickers and apply to character. With swapp-able armor pieces you will change the appearance of the hero to stand out from the rest of the players.


Assumptions and desires

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Game performance

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Responsive and creative

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Full support for multiplayer

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The above video is the result of our preparation and adaptation in Unreal Engine 4 and the setting of a friendly workflow between Blender3D, Substance and UE4. Testing is already behind us, we are satisfied and optimistic, now it is time to bring this concept to life. To find out more about what we are going to change and introduce, check out our plans for Haze Sport’s future.
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