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Multiapinkiller Studio 3D – Shop is Open!

Officially, today I consider Multipainkiller Studio 3D – Shop for easy prototyping as open and ready to serve you.

The main goal is  to give you affordable A Working Prototype which represents all or nearly all of the functionality of the final product. 3D models from low poly style to more detailed objects along with photo-realistic materials, also ready to use Unreal Engine 4 blueprint projects, this will allow you to quickly implement the new idea, in your present project or build up on provided example.

3D – Shop was created to share my work and provide support for my further projects and study. In offer you will find free and premium assets with a focus on Unreal Enigne 4 users.

Multipainkiller Studio does not store any private information, no registration! Only Gumroad, or Sketchfab account required to download offered products on Multipainkiller Studio 3D – Shop. Nice and easy.

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About the author: Zwiastun

3D Artist, Game Developer, Freelanser