Free Collectable Item Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Free collectable Item Pack For Unreal Engine 4

Creating a new project is awesome, but sometimes when we do not have the right toys it’s hard to laugh. Free collectable item pack for Unreal Engine 4 coming here with a few new assets to your toys collection. Check out this asset preview below to see what you can have in your prototyping arsenal!

What is in this pack?

Something more complete than just the objects themselves. This time you’ll see besides objects a particle effects, sound and logic to bring it all to life. At the moment is 13 static meshes like health, bottles, books, etc with textures 2k pbr. 30 particle effects on item spawn and on item pickup.

What is the goal?

Give you a system that’s easy to migrate between projects. Easy to learn and to try for everyone.

Free Collectable Item Pack Descriptions

Items: 30 x Static Meshes. Traps: 1 x Static Mesh Crate 1m: 1 x Static Mesh Trees: 2 x Static Mesh
  • Items: Most assets have one material assigned with 2k PBR textures and materials, include: BC, N, ARM and ID color map.
  • Particle Effects: 1k textures
Items: 24 x particle effects on item spawn 24 x particle effects on item pickup Traps: 2 x particle effect on item spawn
6 x sound cues for testing purpose. At the moment sound is coming from but I would like to provide my own.
Unreal Engine 4.18+ 100% Blueprints based on First Person Template.
  • Provide more objects.
  • Fix & Updates.
  • Add more functionality.
  • Add multiplayer support - premium only
  • Design new sounds & replace existed.
  • Test for consoles & mobiles.
  • Clean up from borrowed stuff (T_cloud, T_splatter_decal, sound.)
  • Rebuild pack for Armory.


Download coming soon. In the meantime, before whole pack arrive you can have all items currently present in the collection, available to download from Sketchfab. Happy prototyping!

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  1. Collectable Item Pack for Unreal Engine 4 is still in development but you can try it now!
    Download the latest stable version:

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