Quadcopter Simulator in the web-browser updated to v. 08


Today we will get over through last improvements, bug fixes and newses for our quadcopter simulator coming with this new update release.


QUADSIMU |FPV QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR has been updated to version 08 open pre-alpha. This update brings improvements and new features. Starting from the refreshed look of the simulator website, to optimizing the application with new additions.

  • WEB – PAGE – modification,
  • APP – UI – MAIN MENU new background img, and new dark theme.
  • APP – UI – MAIN MENU – GARAGE – purpose of it is to provide more details in one place about quadcopter parts to get better understanding of how such device is working.
    • Drag & Rotate drone ( mouse only ),
    • Zoom drone ( mouse only ).
  • APP – UI – Added Health and Engine Status to FPV, HDV, TPV.


Creation of Quadcopter - Crowdfunding Campaign

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGNQUADSIMU has chance to become a universal application based in web-browser. This is good time to give it a chance. QUADSIMU in exchange for your support gives you a place for your advertisement and more. See details & Submit your offer! JOIN TO QUADSIMU – CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN


    • Draw Call reduction
      • Up to 50% in FPV, HDV,
      • Around 20% in TPV.
      • Removing useless/doubled code.
    • ACRO – clean PID loop
    • ANGLE – PID loop plus stabilisation.


We need hear your voice to make this application better for you! At this stage (v. 08 – open pre-alpha) there is still a lot to do. Please Share your experiences about QUADSIM | FPV QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR & Report Bugs! Also consider to hit this red bell in the left – bottom corner of your screen to receive notifications about progress.