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Quadcopter Simulator for Unreal Engine 4 - early preview 00

FPV FreeStyle – Racing Quadcopter Simulator in Unreal Engine 4

Introduction to Quadcopter Simulator

With beginning of this year I decided to look at things differently especially in term of topic selection for the next project. And the most important premise I came from was to keep correlation between projects. Instead of diving in to the land or marine vehicles at the moment I am going to stay around flying machines and I will try to make quadcopter simulator.


First of all, this may bring benefits to all related projects. For instance, on product page of the One Man Helicopter is claim which says that you can use this logic to build similar vehicles, such a quadcopter and others with vertical take off. So I decide to build one to check the claim I made. And yes indeed, it is possible with some modification to have quadcopter. Till I came across Mr. Steel on YouTube while searching for drones and quadcopters as reference point. And he is amazing in something what is called freestyle. Simply see him yourself in action and you will understand.

Real FreeStyle Quadcopter and Very Skilled Pilot

If you ever has been skating, snowboarding, or making a rhythm on the go, you already know what is freestyle, but in general to those who don’t know, freestyle is about doing things in your way. And quadcopter freestyle is about to performing tricks such as loops for instance. This looks amazing from the perspective of first person view from little camera placed on the front of the quad. Additionally the quad pilot wears goggles with screen on each eye and antennas to receive video signals. Very similar to VR headset.


So, till I came across Mr.Steel and hes freestyle I quickly understood that One Man Helicopter logic can’t handle things like this. For my excuse I can add that such a function was not needed at the time of creating OMH. In result I decided to modify OMH logic to be able to perform a loops. This new feature will appear with upcoming update to One Man Helicopter and also in this project. Now you can ask, why a separate project about the drone, if we can have one in OMH. And I have to say this is very good question.


I thought about it a lot and I decided that this topic requires a separate project. Despite of the common features in the long run they are very different. Both are masterpieces, with this differential that the helicopter flying thanks to the mechanical precision with example in main hub, where the quadcopter will represents electrical precision where example could be found in flight controller in the form of the algorithm. OMH and FPV QUADCOPTER SIMULATOR project will be sharing same piece of code allowing us to perform acrobatic loops. So it will still be possible to create a quadcopter in OMH, even more realistic than before, but not as realistic as it should be. And that will be the task to achieve in this project, where the OMH is about to give you experience from ultralight helicopter cockpit. This project will be about experience from FPV quadcopter camera perspective.

Main goal

The main goal of this project will be attempt to create a realistic quadcopter simulator capable of racing and freestyle on pc and console also I would love to see option for a real radio transmitter as a alternative to keyboard and gamepad.

What means realistic?

I guess this word has many faces, but in our case except for simulations of liquids I will try to transfer existing algorithms used in real quadcopters to control the actuators and try them out in Unreal Engine.

How does Quadcopter fly?

Before we get to this dipper be aware I am not a specialist in quadcopter design, I even never had one. All knowledge about this multirotor device will be based on research and widely available materials. The reference list of the documents I came across you will find as always below the post.

O.K. let’s do it.

Today we will go through typical FPV quadcopter part list needed to build one. For me this will be a first goal, to recreate all those parts. But how it is fly? Basically you have 4 motors controlled by micro computer given instruction via a remote transmitter and they gain stability by using sensors. Typically, the quadcopter has the following configurations; two rotors turning clockwise and the other two turning counter clockwise what is providing anti-torque force. It has ability to

Parts List


  • 1 x Air-Frame,
  • 1 x Flight Controller,
  • 4x Motors ,
  • 4x ESC ,
  • 4 x Propellers,
  • Batteries,
  • 1x Radio ,
  • 1x Receiver ,
  • FPV Goggles ,
  • 1x Camera FPV,
  • 1x VTX and Antenna,
  • HD Camera .


Modification for a racing drone performance is improved by upgrading the components to achieve the desired effect. Also precise adjusting a PID settings to get desire feel. For this reason our FPV Racing/Freestyle Quadcopter has each component separate allowing easier control to change appearance and properties of the device in the future.

Current state

This video representing the current state of work in progress on FPV Quadcopter project for Unreal Engine 4. It is still in early, but most of the main features has been added, so we can accepted it as a good starting point. What you think?.

Short preview of current state.


I will try to keep inform you every two weeks about progress from work. Similarly as with One Man Helicopter, with each post we will learn more about this device we want to mimic in Unreal Engine 4. Once it reaches a certain level of satisfaction it will be available to purchase from assets store.


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