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One Man Helicopter - Known Issues & Errors

This section is dedicated for known issues and errors in One Man Helicopter which are awaiting to be solved. List below contain known for me issue and errors. If you encountered issue or error not listed below. This is right place to mention it. And I will be gradually solving them. Cooperation is very welcome.

Current version: One Man Helicopter v04


- No issues

To reproduce issues - Play Game


- BP_Aircraft_Flyer_P01 is pending kill. Location: EventGraph. Node: Play Sound At Location.

- Aircraft_PlayerController trying to read property. Location: EvnetGraph. Node: SetActorLocation.

To reproduce Errors - Destroy aircraft.


- On damage made by water sometimes it does not do what it should do during drowning.


- N/A

The widget 'UMG_RepairRefuel_C' was already added to the screen and the widget 'UMG_ColorChanger_C' was already added to the screen - Solved


Use the IsVisible node from the Widget blueprint.

Uploaded files:
  • UMG-was-already-added-to-the-screen-solved.jpg


UMG_HUD_Aircraft -is pending kill. Location: GetCompassDirection. Node: Set Position - Solved



Use the IsValid? node


Uploaded files:
  • UMG_HUD_Aircraft-is-pending-kill.jpg

It's been a while but from the day one I am working on big update for this pack. If you haven't seen already last newses, here is video with new feature which will appear with this update soon among with other features. Feel free to leave feedbacks, requirements, ideas.