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Bugs Report


QUADSIMU alpha needs your help to evolve!

Things may not work as it was intended and many features are still being planned. We need your help! If you want to contribute to the work on QUADSIMU game in web browser - AWESOME!

Describe below in simple words the type of the bug/issue you found. To be even more specific you can add a screenshot, or a short video. See also the Knowing Issue List below to avoid duplications. 


Thank you.

#Issues v.1.0

  1. Audio Accept Button - image not displayed correctly. - [SOLVED]
  2. Graphics Display Resolution - no need for it as long rescale happen on the fly. [SOLVED]
  3. Sticker - can't place default sticker in game ( works only if you select one from garage ). [SOLVED]
  4. Butterfly in main menu map can't find rest target. [SOLVED]




#Issues v.1.1a

  1. Gamepad Feedback - no respond to impact, [IN
  2. Quadcopter >> Options >> Device Settings:
    • No default values, can't take-off.
    • Not loading saved values after webpage reload.


Forum 4

#SOLUTION to "No default values, can't take-off".

  1. Simple reset all values using reset button and press accept to save.
  2. If saved settings won't load after page reload - clear browser cache.

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