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Extreme Vehicles Experience - Ripsaw Concept 1

Extreme Vehicles Experience – Ripsaw Concept

Get involved in mastering Ripsaw with Machinery Modelling Toolkit

Designed and built for the military as a lightweight, go fast super tank. Ripsaw proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed, as it graced the covers of magazines such as Popular Science and won awards for invention of the year. From 16 inches of suspension travel, to luxurious interiors and up to 1500 horsepower, The Ripsaw platform is in league of its own when it comes to capability, speed, sheer adrenaline and luxury. These unique off-road vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate. And can cost over half a million dollars depending on desired luxury and performance packages. Now offered to the public in limited production. Cost only half a million dollars but I still want to ride one!

Some time ago I found a great plugin for Unreal Engine 4 called Machinery Modelling Toolkit “MMT” made by BoredEngineer. This plugin will allow us to test quickly and you can focus on further design. Moreover it’s good fun out of the box! For more information on this plugin development, see BoredEngineer’s Unreal Engine 4 forum. For me it is a great tool for testing my models. Ripsaw is the first, but here is the list below of the vehicles I would like to model for use with the MMT plugin.

    • More ripsaw variants, below you can see some concept below on Sketchfab.

  • SHERP ATV- Unstoppable Russian Truck
  • Sport snow bike
  • Quads track/wheels
  • Racing Hovercrafts

One body/chase with swappable parts for quick vehicle upgrade. I believe that not only me would like to have one. For this purpose, I prepared a simple Ripsaw model for a good start for anyone who wants to try an extreme offroad.

I am looking for developers with some spare time to build awesome Ripsaw experience in Unreal Engine 4! BoredEngineer made great plugin MMT. I have prepared for you free 3d model of Ripsaw called RIPROAD Coupe MK – EV2.

Do you want to try?

Goal is to get this model working with the best practices/performance (based on “LightTankTraceWheelsWithAnimBPPrototype”) using MMT with including suspension springs and levers. All part are ready for you and packed with MMT to start prototyping.

How you can help?

  • – Download this free pack (read licences included in the ZIP)
  • – Start prototyping
  • – Have fun
  • – Share progress with us by:
  • – visiting forum
  • – share download link
  • – make tutorials


Download – MMT_RipsawExperience_v.0.01

Download – Machinery Modelling Toolkit

Forum – OPEN-SOURCE Machinery Modelling Toolkit


Thanks to BoredEngineer for his concern, great work and support!


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