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Drone Simulator v.1.3 - Battery Management System, Optimization and more... 1

Drone Simulator v.1.3 – Battery Management System, Optimization and more…

Quadsimu v1.3 video preview.

The main goal of this update for our drone simulator was to provide Battery Management System (BMS) and optimization quadcopter parts. But this is not all, other features also will come along with Quadsimu v.1.3 so let me take you through some of them very quickly…

FPV Camera

Drone Simulator v.1.3 - Battery Management System, Optimization and more... 2
FPV Camera View – Interference scan lines, Noise and Pixelation.

Those new effects are based on post process material. At the moment it’s adding randomly interference effects to the screen. Those effects in the future will be driven by situation, for instance:

  1. When device is out of range interference will go gradually higher depend of distance between pilot and quadcopter.
  2. Interference may depend of the obstacle thickness between UAV operator and flying unit.
  3. Electrical units also making interference with transmitter signal.

Camera Effects

  • Lens Distortion,
  • Signal Scan Lines,
  • Pixelization.

Battery Management System

Drone Simulator – Quadsimu version 1.3 will attempt to provide pilots with Battery Management System. This system is taking information from quadcopter battery and passing this information On Screen Display OSD. To recharge battery Quadsimu will provide special Charger Spots to land and do recharge battery.

Drone Simulator v.1.3 - Battery Management System, Optimization and more... 3
Battery Management System.

Also the way how you will tread battery will have impact in the future on Safety score in “Pilot Status”, at the moment main impact on battery life is based on current engines load. You can achieve Longer Fly Time when fly style is less aggressive and vice versa.

Current Battery Properties

  • Battery Type ( Currently 4S ),
  • State Of Charge (SOC) %,
  • Capacity (mAh),
  • Discharge (C) Rate,
  • Current Load from engines (W),
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm,
  • Charge Spot,
  • Charge Rate Speed,
  • Type of Charge – current “Balance Charge”.


The next round of improvements for this component (BMS) will supply even more reality to bring as much simulation aspect as possible:

  • Temperature grow and detection,
  • Burst rate,
  • Number of cells,
  • Battery Damage.

Sound Effects

Someone said sound is half of the picture and very important part to enrich our drone simulator would be to add sound effects. So with update v.1.3. we can offer few new sound effects to make you feel like you are there, or at least we getting closer to this goal.

Multipainkiller Studio Sound Wave Library
  • On Hover,
  • On Pressed.
  • Nature Ambient Sound for Playground map.
  • Wind,
  • Insects.
  • Impact Sound Effect.

Visual Effects

Drone Simulator v.1.3 - Battery Management System, Optimization and more... 4
Dust VFX based on engine load and distance to the ground.
  • Ground Detection:
    • Dust Effect,
    • Dynamic Adaptation based on Current Load.


Nothing is perfect yet, keep in mind this is still early ALPHA release, but everything getting just better with every update. Current Size 171 MB before 173 MB (while Quadsimu v1.1 was 187 MB). Maybe not much but considering the fact we have much more happening, more stuff has been added, and now we use less space what is equal to faster load, this is a lot. All quadcopter parts has been modified/rebuilded to reduce overall size with no loss on visuals. Thanks to this surgery around 20.000 Tris has been reduced!

Drone Simulator v.1.3 - Battery Management System, Optimization and more... 5

Optimized Parts

  • Quadcopter Parts (Total Tris Reduction on full build = 17.222):
    • Engine/Motor – Stator (720 Tris reduced),
    • Engine/Motor – Rotor (730 Tris reduced),
    • Airframe (1402 Tris reduced),
    • Fly Controller (1662 Tris reduced),
    • FPV Camera (648 Tris reduced),
    • HD Camera (1840 Tris reduced),
    • Antenna (3370 Tris reduced),
    • Receiver (100 Tris reduced),
    • Base Propeller (600 Tris reduced).


  • Antenna Signal Effect exposed in Device Settings:
    • Activate,
    • Deactivate.
  • Engine Rotator rotation now are in sync with propellers.
  • Precise Weight Scaling.
  • Engine Sound:
    • Sound Cue mixing tracks for better dynamic,
    • Air Absorption,
    • Listener Focus,
    • Attenuation Occlusion.
  • Pilot Status:
    • Simulation Timer,
    • Save & Load Profile.


  • Sticks Overlay not updating correctly.
  • TPV Free Camera Pitch too big range allowing camera go under floor.
  • Discord is not loading (live).
  • Wrong ANGLE Mode descriptions in Device Settings.
  • After respawn from crash Device is activated.

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