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Download or Login Failed 1

Download or Login Failed

Broken Download?

Download or login failed? Dear members this may happen currently on Multipainkiller Studio service. Downloads difficulties are related only to downloads with over 400 MB. Smaller downloads files works perfectly. Mainly I refer to Free Collectable Item Pack with over 500 downloads but I have not Idea how many of tham downloads has been failed.

Difficulty To Log In?

Also recently I detected the difficulties with logining to our service even through social media. Source of problems has been located and eliminated. However Social Login through Facebook & Google is on hold to clarify.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out what’s makes download fails yet and I am going to keep work on this issue. I feel like I disappointed you a bit in this area but I hope you see also my commitment.


I have already taken some steps to get around this vulnerability. We will soon start using Google Drive Cloud to provide alternative for our server. The Multipainkiller Studio web-site has already been set to use Google Drive I just need to do few more tests to make sure everything is working this time. However, in the meantime I hope that we will find the cause of the fault. You can expect the changes up to two weeks maximum from today. All subscribers will be notified automatically once it happens.

Thank you for your understanding

Download or Login Failed has been fixed.

Happy Downloading!