How to import assets from Blender 3D to Godot Game Engine

This is step by step instruction on importing ready models from Blender 2.8 to Godot using the new .GLTF 2 file format.

Import to Godot:

  • In Godot Engine select folder res// .
  • Right mouse click to make new folder.
  • Name it, for example – “Imports”.
  • Open file browser and move/copy your_model.GLTF to new “Imports” folder.
  • In “Imports” folder you should have imported asset also with material if applied.

Open imported model

  • Select your_model.GLTF .
  • Right mouse click to open popup window menu.
  • Chose Open Scene(s).
  • New Inherited or Open Anyway.
  • New scene with your new imported asset will be create.
  • Save.

Save it as tscn scene

  • From Edit drop-down list choose Save Scene As… (Ctrl+Shift+S).
  • Navigate to desired folder.
  • Press Save.

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