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UE4 HTML5 game project among Wordpress blog 1

UE4 HTML5 game project among WordPress blog

Test HTML5 project on localhost

You should always test your project on localhost before uploading to host. Test a HTML5 project once you’ve packaged it 4.22 or later. Simple follow the steps.


1. Package your project by going to File > Package Project > HTML5.
2. Navigate to the folder where you placed the packaged project.
3. Locate the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe and open it.
4. DOS prompt/command window will appear.
5. Open up the browser: Google Chrome, FireFox, etc…
6. Browse to the location http://localhost:8000//PROJECTNAME.html

Upload HTML5 project to web-server


  • Open FTP manager
  • Download HTML5 project to directory folder, see image.
  • To open project type in web-browser: example https://www.sitename.com/HTML5/PROJECTNAME.html

IMPORTANT* The address name of the project dependent on the packaged method was chosen:


HTML5 Build Type

When creating a build of your HTML5 project, you have the option of creating a Development Build or a Shipping Build. The type of build that you create for your project depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Debug Game* is a variant of debug build.

HTML5 Development Builds: 

  • Development builds are used when you are testing or debugging your project before you want to release it.
  • Development builds only build uncompressed files.
  • Development builds will only work with local testing and are not meant to be deployed to a website. 
  • Project name example: https://www.sitename.com/HTML5/PROJECTNAME.html

HTML5 Shipping Builds:

  • Shipping builds are used when you are ready to release your project to end users.
  • Shipping builds can be built to use either compressed or uncompressed files.
  • Shipping builds can be compressed for smaller download size. 
  • Project name example: https://www.sitename.com/PROJECTNAME-HTML5-Shipping.html



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