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Important textures settings after import to Unreal Engine 4

Important textures settings after import to Unreal Engine 4

Textures Setting

Those settings are important to get all the best of your textures. Most of this is happening automatically on import action, for instance you could already noticed that normal maps are assigned correctly with normal map compression. But Unreal Engine 4 not recognizing if Flip Green is required for your normals or not. Try to see what is better for you. See pictures below to get better perspective. 

Details Panel

By default on the right side you will find the Details panel. This panel displays the textures available settings, and allows you to modify them any time. At the top of the Details panel, you can see information about how the Texture is currently being displayed, statistics about the Texture such as size and compression method, and platform-specific settings for the Texture. Not far below you should find also Flip Green checkbox to tick on/off.

Property Matrix

Also you can use Bulk Edit to be able to manage even more images at once. The Property Matrix allows for easy bulk editing and value comparison for large numbers of Objects or Actors. It displays a configurable set of properties for a collection of objects as columns in a table view that can be sorted on any column. The Property Matrix also provides a standard property editor that displays all properties for the current selection set in the table view.

  • Select all of your textures in the content browser
  • Right-click and go to “Asset Actions > Property Matrix…”
  • Make sure all of your textures are highlighted (orange) on the left of the property matrix window
  • Adjust the settings on the right

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