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How to import assets to Godot Game Engine from Blender 3D

This is step by step instruction on how to import assets to Godot Game Engine from Blender 2.8 using the new .GLTF 2 file format.

Import to Godot:

Simply drop your assets (image files, scenes, audio files, fonts, etc) directly in the project folder (copy them manually with your OS file explorer). Godot will automatically import these files internally and keep the imported resources hidden in a res://.import folder.

  • In Godot Engine Editor select folder res// .
  • Right mouse click to make new folder.
  • Name it, for example – “Imports”.
  • Open file browser and move/copy your_model.GLTF to new “Imports” folder.
  • In “Imports” folder you should have imported asset also with material if applied.

Open imported model

In this paragraph we going to open imported asset and see the results.

  • Select your_model.GLTF .
  • Right mouse click to open popup window menu.
  • New Inherited or Open Anyway.
  • Chose Open Scene(s).
  • New scene with your new imported asset will be create.
  • Save.

Save it as tscn scene

The TSCN (text scene) file format represents a single scene tree inside Godot. TSCN files have the advantage of being mostly human-readable and easy for version control systems to manage. During import, TSCN files are compiled into binary .scn files stored inside the .import folder. This reduces the data size and speeds up loading.

  • From Edit drop-down list choose Save Scene As… (Ctrl+Shift+S).
  • Navigate to desired folder.
  • Press Save.

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