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From ArmorPaint to Unreal Engine 4

From Blender to Armor Paint and Unreal Engine

Blender 3D

This is basic workflow from Blender to Armor Paint and Unreal Engine. on how to export object from Blender 3D, import it to ArmorPaint and to Unreal Engine 4 once painting process is completed. Before we proceed to export make sure to unwrap object. You can make custom uv, but for purpose of this instruction I will use Smart UV.


Click on the Meshes tab - Import or Ctrl+i, or Drag and drop unwrapped .obj file into the viewport. This will replace the currently painted mesh. (.fbx and .blend files are supported, but the importer is not 100% reliable yet. )

Unreal Engine 4

  • Open Unreal Engine 4
  • Import Textures
  • Import Object/Mesh .obj
  • Open Imported Material
  • Drag and drop textures and connect

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ArmorPaint Documentation

Lastly Edited: 08.Dec.2019