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Fixing Corrupt Projects Files in Unreal Engine 4

Non-destructive Way

This is step by step instruction how to regenerate corrupted files. The UE Editor crashed? Fixing Corrupt Projects Files may save your life. This issue may appear in many cases and we have solution for you, so let’s regenerate you project! Automatically and in Nondestructive way with Visual Studio and Unreal Engine 4.

Part 1 – Cleaning

This is one of the most important part so please be careful and pay attention. Navigate to folder with project to fix corrupted files.

Select and Delete

  • VB/VS
  • Binaries
  • Build**
  • Intermediate
  • Saved
  • ProjectName.sln

Do Not Delete

This is a list of files that should remain in game project file after deleting files from step 1.

  • Config
  • Content
  • Source
  • ProjectName.uproject

Part 2 – Generate VS files

Select and right mouse click on ProjectName.uproject and choose Generate Visual Studio project files.

**Build folder may contain Blacklist if you already created. Save it somewhere on you pc, or delete everything except PackBlacklist.txt

Part 3 – Rebuilding Unreal Engine project

In this paragraph we going to rebuild missing modules in our project after successfully completing step 2. More important part is behind us.

Open Unreal Engine project from library.

Firstly Open Unreal Engine Launcher and navigate to Library with project we working on.

Secondly Open project by double Left Mouse Button click (LMB) on project icon, or

Right Mouse Button (RMB) over the projects image icon and from pop-up menu select Open.

Missing Modules after Fixing Corrupt Projects Files

Thirdly, and lastly a new window will pop-up with question asking – Would you like to rebuild missing modules now?

Click – Yes to continue

Unreal Engine 4 regenerating missing modules.

Unreal Engine 4 will automatically rebuild all missing modules. Depended of rebuild seize process may take a few minutes. Press Show Log to see more details.

Unreal Engine Initialize after rebuild files & Fixing Corrupt Projects Files

Initializing also will start automatically after Fixing Corrupt Projects Files & Rebuild process.

Moreover this whole process also can be used and repeat to tidy up project before packaging or zipping-up. Most importantly this is absolutely non destructive way to fixing corrupt project files in UE4. However can be used to clean up project too. Also all project and packaging settings will remain as untouched. Happy Prototyping!