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Export settings from Blender 3D to Unreal Engine 4

Export FBX settings from Blender to Unreal Engine 4

Important export settings in Blender 2.79-2.8X & Unreal Engine 4

Export settings from Blender to Unreal engine 4 is common question and there are few important settings to get this right. To get good workflow between those two programs we have to match units scale. Unreal Engine 4 is working in centimetres while Blender has his own scale by default. Below you will find quick advice on how to change this settings in Blender and adopt in Unreal Engine 4.


For static mesh (SM_): Select your object before go to export.

For skeletal mesh with animations (SK_): In object mode select Armature as first and the Object next with Shift, then go to export.


  • Scale – Blender 3D and Unreal Engine 4 work in different units.
    • If you work with Blender default scale units, change scale when exporting to 100,
    • or you can rise your model with Unreal Engine 4 units scale. In Scene Tab, change Units to centimetres, this time on exporting scale remains at 1.
    • Apply Rot / Loc / Scale – always apply object rotation, location and scale before exporting.
    • Smoothing and Tangent Spaces: you can process them in Blender-3D or generate them in Unreal Engine 4.


Option 1. Generate Smoothing and Tangent Spaces in Unreal Engine 4: In exporting settings in Blender 3D in Geometry Tab, set only Smoothing to >> Edge. When importing in Unreal Engine 4 set Normal Import Method to >> Compute Normals, and Normal Generation Method to >> Mikk TSpace.

Option 2Generated Smoothing and TSpaces in Blender: In exporting settings in Geometry Tab set Smoothing to >> Face and select Tangent Spaces. Important method for this object must be Ngons free and have clean uv’s. When importing in Unreal Engine 4, select Normal Import Method to >> Import Normals and Tangents. This method let you keep Blender smoothing with calculated normals and hard edges.

FBX Export settings
Select object you want to export to Unreal Engine 4
FBX Export settings
Blender GEOMETRY export settings >> Face & Tangent Space.
FBX Export settings
Blender ARMATURE export settings >> Tick off Add Leaf Bones
FBX Export settings
Blender ANIMATIONS export settings >> You will be able to export all animation
FBX Export settings
To get tangents from Blender set Normal Import Method >> Import Normal and Tangents.

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