Dev Tips

Assets Workflow with Best Transitions

Blender 3D to Unreal Engine 4 or Godot Engine!

Dev Tips - game assets workflow with best transitions

Dev Tips for Blender-3D, Unreal Engine and recently for Godot are all about providing simple advices for game artists and developers to achieve reliable workflow between software with good transition. Current workflow: Blender 3D >> Unreal Engine 4 or Blender 3D >> Godot Engine. 

Learning how to create games is a very long way. Wisdom comes with time and practice. No needs to know everything. Although is great to have a place with those base informations. Dev Tis is a collection of the most oftenly asked questions: Blender 3D export settings for static and skeletal meshes. How to export animations, or how to add custom collisions to your model. Assigning materials, uv unwrapping, and more. Dev Tips For Game Developers – Check out!

Dev Tips Collection


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