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Dev Tips | Blender-3D, Unreal Engine, Godot

Dev Tips for Artists & Game Developers

Dev Tips for Blender-3D, Unreal Engine, Godot are all about providing simple advices for game artists and developers to achieve reliable workflow between software with good transition.

Current workflows

Games are very complex and game developers has to use variety of programs to complete the task. We want to focus on best FOSS, simple because is widely available for everyone, reliable and supported by huge communities. Current workflow involves B3D full 3D creation suite and game engine of your choice. UE4 or recently added Godot Engine using mainly visual scripting..


Do we have to know or remember everything at once? No, but is good to have a place with those base informations & answers for most oftenly asked questions. If you struggling with exporting models or you want to find good settings this place is for you. From Blender 3D export settings for static and skeletal meshes with animations, or how to add custom collisions to your model. Assigning materials, uv unwrapping, and more. Check out!

We want to see grow this collection to help you with games development using free and open source software. Based on personal experience from various projects and also from preparing and conducting classes activities for students at CGFF. Available to reach from Multipainkiller Studio >> Main Menu >> Dev Tips. Create Games For Free – CGFF has a wider spectrum of interest which I would like to also introduce over here in future. Full workflows from 2D assets creation using Krita, GIMP and Inkscape through 3D software which is Blender-3D to chosen Game Engine. If you would like to join & learn together on daily basis? Great! Feel invited to join our Facebook Social Learning Hub – Create Games For FreeCGFF with great artists and developers from around the world.


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