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Create Games For Free

Who we are?

Create Games For Free 2

We are the future! Artists, creators and developers from around the world who want to create games for free. From beginners to professionals. We were joined by a passion for creation, we love to learn and create games but also we love to share and for those reasons present group has been created to connect those dots…


More than ever before, now is possible to create high quality looking game visuals with little effort by using free and open source software tools. The combination of Blender, Gimp, Krita and Godot Engine running under Desktop Unixes gives the developers unprecedented creative power and ease of use to achieve professional quality visuals, all this with ease of use and productivity surpassing that of proprietary software.


Why we chose free open source software?

Our reasons for choosing free & open source software were simple — flexibility, innovation, collaboration and cost reduction. Currently, the capabilities of these software often match the paid version. It brings together the largest and most friendly communities. Also using free & open-source we express our support for their authors.

Our mission

Learn, share and promote! Create a friendly community ready to help each other in creating games and applications using free and open-source software. Someday open source software will appear in schools and universities. That will ensure to continuous development and easy access for everyone. And Multipiankiller Studio want to be a part of this movement!

Who is this group for?

This group is designed for friendly students, artists and developers associated with game developing. If you want to learn, use and support free & open source tools – Join us to establish good workflow and have a good time.

Who we looking for?

This group is for everyone who want to learn and share knowledge how to make games and apps with use of free open source software. From concept design to game release.

Tutorials makers

Source of wisdom, online tutorials are great to learn and also giving an ideas for prototyping. If you have willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise become a mentor! We will be more than happy to meet you and help you grow your audience.

Free assets creators

Sharing is caring – Free assets are great for quick prototyping but also to reverse engineering. Each of us has used some free assets to prototype or learn upon. Free gifts to community is like giving something back from you. Also this is a great way to let people know about your work and what is your direction. Let us discover you.

Premium assets makers

Wonderful! Drop the link to your shop. Gain interest and feedback. We want to see our creators growing and became more successful. Same as Free Assets also a Premium Assets have is own unit to keep it organized.

What we offer?

See what we can give you before you join this journey into the full workflow with smooth transition using free open source software to make your game.


Exchange information on an ongoing basis in the field of our interests. Including updates, planned changes, dev talks.


Having a hard time with your project? Do not hesitate to share your problem, game making is based on solving issues, we are here to help you and point you in right direction. Also mentorship program has been launched to help you find more skills in field of your interest.


We want to support our assets and tutorials creators. We will pin your post as announcement for a certain amount of time to highlight your work and help you gain interest. Also we will assign your post to the appropriate social learning unit.

List of current tools

List of platforms: Any, stay free! List of game types: Any, stay free!

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