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Blender 3D materials to Unreal Engine 4

Blender 2.79 material notes

Materials are very specific and tightly tied to the rendering system they belong to, or software they were created with. For the most part, you can’t import/export material definitions between applications. For instance you can’t even get Blender Internal Materials to work with Cycles Renderer nor vice versa, and they are both created with Blender 3D. Currently Blender importers/exporters don’t support node based materials yet. Only surface color. And this is what we want to show you today. Also this technique is valid for importing FBX with materials to Substance Painter and to other similar applications. Once material slot and surface is correctly applied, you can modify it in your destination software.

Set material slot and surface

Select desire face in edit mode. Add slot in material tab, assign this slot to selected face. Create materials and adjust his color to see the difrends. Repeat 1,2,3,4 steps for other faces if you need, and you ready to export. Save and export as FBX. When importing to Unreal Engine 4 make sure import materials are selected.

See also

Also very important to yield good visual results of your object is to have good UV maps for object itself and lights. We can describe it as the flat representation of the surface of a 3D model used to easily wrap textures.

Lastly edited: 7/24/2019