Work in progress, full change-log and also on further plans for QUADSIMU | FPS SIMULATOR.


  • First thirst person (FTP) camera in free mode supports auto direction.
  • Exposing Damage properties.
  • Caught issues.
  • Updating application, web and social media to v.1.0.
  • Lastly edited at 26 – Aug – 2019.


  1. Reduce game size. Current state v.1.0 – 150MB.
  2. Redesign PID TUNE MODE for better usability.
  3. More FPV GATES. (WIP)
  4. Build the TIME ATTACK system. (WIP)
  5. Build the SKILLS system.
  6. Build and add FOLIAGE.
  7. Expose DAMAGE properties as option to choose – ON/OFF.
    1. Audio notification on hit.
    2. Physical materials.
  8. Introduce different PROPELLER types to choose from.
    1. Build different types of propellers.
    2. Create logic to handle different types of propellers.
  9. Lastly edited at 02 – July – 2019.


  1. Build Track Builder. To allow create your own tracks.
  2. Better transition between ANGLE & ACRO mode.
  3. Build Music player with playlist fit into the web page instead of storage it in game.
  4. Lastly edited at 12 – July – 2019.


  • More drones types. QUADSIMU | FPV SIMULATOR allowing you right now to fit any type of drone with 4 engines based on its parameters like weights, size, engine efficiency, engine power, ESC, PID, etc. By adjusting those parameters you can simulate any drone type you desire to.
    • Tiny Whoop type.
    • DIY drones build based on Arduino, and 3D printed parts.
  • Radio Transmitter support.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Lastly edited at 14 – July – 2019.
  • Add your goal



v.1.0 – 22/07/2019

  • Testing before update… Some features not working as intended due to HTML5 is still in experimental state. Below features are temporary unavailable:
    • Static and Dynamic Shadows*.
    • Dynamic Cloth Simulation**.
  • Female announcer – audio
  • New Race Level – “Challenger“. This new map comes with simple race track to test new Time Attack System.
  • FixSticks Position widget and Tune Mode widget not disappearing on camera toggle ON/OFF.
  • New Menu – menu menu widget was redesigned from scratch adding more ability and better appearance:
    • Access to main menu any time without need to come out of the game, even in Garage.
    • Press P – Keyboard or Special_Left – Gamepad.
    • More options with better placement.
    • Extended graphical options with fixed previous issues.
    • Slide in animations.
    • Loading animations.
    • Tab for Levels.
      • This place is designed to work as maps library.
    • Quick Restart Level button.
    • Audio settings for Music, SFX and Sound Quality.
      • Set, Save & Load your audio preference.
  • Time Attack System providing timers for race challenges. Current features:
    • Countdown time,
    • Check and Save best lap time,
    • Best lap notification,
    • Check and Save best race time,
    • Best race notification,
    • Save best race time,
    • Check for right direction,
    • Show next checkpoint…
  • Cleaning and organizing.
  • Gamepad Force Feedback support:
    • Save Force Feedback preference available from Options >> Controls >> Force Feedback checkbox.
  • Adding wind to the scene – affecting environment only like for example fabric flags material. (**)
  • Activating HDRI to build more accurate lights.
  • Activating and Building Shadows. (*)
  • Modeling new FPV Gates. Set of 5 inflate gates.
  • Testing with Brave – Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker.

v.09 – 12/06/2019

  • More efficient handling of altitude calculation.
  • Engines audio optimized
  • NEW – APP – Sticker system
    • Stick a sticker on the walls, floor or any object you want to.
    • Sticker is placed on the bottom of drone, once you in good position press “right shoulder” button on your gamepad controller to place sticker at desire location. Walls, floor, ceilings, anywhere.
    • Ability to choose sticker from small sticker library and save it.
  • FPS widget has been removed from UI – To check current FPS call command console and type “stat FPS
  • Date widget has been removed from UI
  • Smoothed Frame Rate Range from 60 to 240 FPS for gaming monitors with the highest refresh rates available on the market up to 240 Hz.
  • NEW – WEB – DISCORD embedding.
  • APP – Adopting Discord theme colors.
  • APP – GARAGE – Prevent from adding to the screen game widgets.
  • APP – GAMEPLAY – PHYSICS – More accurate physics handling.
  • APP – GAMEPLAY – AUDIO – More dynamic engines sound handling.
  • APP – OPTIONS – Graphical settings not displayed correctly fixed.

v.08 – 31/5/19.

  • APP – UI – MAIN MENU new background img.
  • APP – UI – MAIN MENU new dark theme.
  • APP – UI – Added Health and Engine Status to FPV, HDV, TPV.
  • APP – UI – MAIN MENU – GARAGE – purpose of it is to provide more details in one place about quadcopter parts to get better understanding of how such device is working.
    • Mouse only – Drag & Rotate drone,
    • Mouse only – Zoom drone.
    • Draw Call reduction
      • Up to 50% in FPV, HDV,
      • Up to 20% in TPV.
    • Removing useless/doubled code.
    • PID calculation
      • ACRO – clean PID loop
      • ANGLE – PID loop plus stabilisation
  • WEB – page – modification.

v.07 – 18/5/19.

  • Huge size reduction from 191 MB to 106 MB.
  • Performance optimization by nativization of bp_: ENGINES, PID, VARIOMETER.
  • Load/Download time reduction.

v.06 – 17/5/19.

  • New FLOOR material.
  • New GATE item with 3 LOD’s and RING based on particle system.
  • READY PRESET for the first takeoff, no need to set up. Option still available for more advanced pilots.
  • ACRO MODE comes with better values.

v. 05 – 13/5/19.

  • Destruction system based on momentum during impact.
  • PID parameters exposed.
  • ESC parameters exposed.
  • Transmitter parameters exposed.
  • ENGINES parameters exposed.
  • The weight of the device is exposed.
  • FPV/HDV & TPV/TPV-FREE camera switch.
  • Fixes and another small optimizes.

v. 04 – 08/05/19. First optimization to improve load time and gameplay.

v. 03 – 05/05/19. Added new Menu background, gamepad input image map to Options.

V. 02 – 04/05/19. Added custom graphical settings, custom AOA for FPV Camera, save and load functionality.

v. 01 – 02/05/19. Added custom html & css.

v. 00 – 01/05/19. Released – Early Access & Testing!


The goal is to get closer to reality. All valuable comments, ideas, please contribute to the dedicated section in forum called FEEDBACKS & IDEAS. Also additionally for bugs report, please visit QUADSIMU BUGS REPORT. You must be a registered to join the discussion. Have fun!