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Multipainkiller Studio

About Multipainkiller Studio


My name is Dawid Artur Sikora and I am artist, developer and  owner of  this small Multipainkiller Studio from 2016. I want to share my work with developers and 3d artists community.  I am specialize in modeling and developing logic to support my models and make them alive in game engines. Along the way I also share my knowledge with community.

Website features 

Multipiankiller Studio service is hosted on powerful and reliable hosting provider with professional plan. Website load ultra-fast thanks to web server accelerator and solid-state drive (SSD) storage with automatic Backup & Restore. I can focus on building the best website for your needs, with optimal performance and less afford. Comes with secure sockets layer certificate (SSL) for our security. Also on board anti-virus, firewall and malware scan.

Payment solution

To maintain continuity, premium assets may also appear on the offer to help me maintain this place. I can offer you world wide know PayPal Payment Solution with two clicks process. Safer and more protected With PayPal Seller Protection and advanced fraud screening.