Nazi UFO secret weapons

Nazi UFO blueprints


Nazi UFO secret weapons

This is the series of the 3D Nazi UFO secret weapons. The collection will contain models such as Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu I, II, III, Hauneburg-Gerät, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz, Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe, and Reichsflugscheibe. With internal and external finishes.

Ready to use:

Haunebu I is one of most frightening secrets in German history. The early Haunebu model with 25 meters in diameter. Had a crew of eight and could achieve the incredible initial velocity of 4,800 km/h. Further enhancement enabled the machine to reach 17,000 km/h! Flight endurance was 18 hours with (EMG) – Electro-Magnetic Gravitic engine on the board. To resist the incredible temperatures of these velocities a special armor called Victalen was pioneered by SS metallurgists specifically for both the Haunebu and Vril series. The Haunebu I had a double hull of Victalen. The early models also attempted to test out a rather large experimental gun installation – the twin 60 mm KraftStrahlKanone [KSK] which operated off the Triebwerk for power.

Haunebu II In 1942, the enlarged Haunebu II of 26 meters diameter was ready for flight testing. This disc had a crew of nine and could also achieve supersonic flight of between 6,000-21,000 km/h with a flight endurance of 55 hours. Both it and the further developed 32 meter diameter Do-Stra had heat shielding of two hulls of Victalen. Seven of these craft were constructed and tested between 1943-44. The craft made 106 test flights. Armed with KSK 60 mm and MK 108 mm.

Free version

Do you like UFO? Multipainkiller Studio will provide few models of Nazi UFO for free to help start your new project. Free version will focus mostly on exterior design with quality materials.

Premium version

Premium version is for more than just prototyping. We will cover you through prototyping time to final release. Production ready standards, quality and performance. Exterior and Interior with animations. Includes updates and support. Tested by other developers and artists, thanks to the free option. And perhaps thanks to you. Coming soon!

Unreal Engine 4 Nazi UFO secret weapons – Free!


Nazi UFO secret weapons

  • Haunebu 1 - 1x static mesh
  • Haunebu 2 - 3x static mesh - SM_Core, SM_Shell, SM_Base.
  • UV wrapped, no overlapped uv's, topology: quad and triangles.
  • Haunebu 1 - 4k pbr.
  • Haunebu 2 - 2k pbr.
No effects at the moment
No audio at the moment
  • Unreal Engine 4.18 ready.
  • 1x Blueprint - BP_Haunebu_2 based on BP_Flyingpawn, no modification yet.
  • Ready for new functionality.
  • Textures downgrade for Haunebu 1 from 4k to 2k to keep consistent with rest of the project.
  • Rework Haunebu 1 mesh to keep consistent with the rest of the project.
  • More aircraft
  • More functionality

Haunebu I


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