MMT Ripsaw Experience

Ripsaw Experience

Machinery Modelling Toolkit made by BoredEngineer with RIPROAD Coupe MK – EV2. This 3D model is build based on Ripsaw EV2 from Howe and Howe Tech. Packed for you in Unreal Engine 4.19 format. It’s free!

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MMT Ripsaw Experience

  • Geometry - 244.4k Triangles
  • Vertices - 129k
  • Vertex color - Yes
  • Rigged - No
  • UV Mapped - Yes
  • 41 - Materials
  • 211 - 2k PBR maps. Textures
No effects
No audio
MMT_RipsawExperience is based on Machinery Modelling Toolkit plugin for Unreal Engine 4 developed by BoredEnginer
Goal is to get this model working with the best practices/performance (based on "LightTankTraceWheelsWithAnimBPPrototype") using MMT with including suspension springs and levers. All part are ready for you and packed with MMT to start prototyping. How you can help? - Download this free pack (read licences included in the ZIP) - Start prototyping - Have fun - Share progress with us by: - visiting forum - share download link - make tutorials
  • MMT licence - License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 Viktor Kuropiatnyk "BoredEngineer"
  • RIPROAD_Coupe 3d model with parts by Dawid Artur Sikora - License (CC BY 4.0) Attribution 4.0 International


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